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Millennials and the Internet: CenturyLink Internet Bundles

Millennials and the Internet: CenturyLink Internet Bundles


The internet has its relevance for every single generation, but for Millennials, this is really big. You might not know about this, but this generation, also known as Generation Y, has a lot of relevance on current internet usage in general, and that is because the internet is very important for them. Between 40 and 25 years old now, Millennials consider the internet vital in their daily routine, as well as in their workplace, free time, shopping and much more.

If you are doing a search for “internet providers in my area” then you need to find ISPs who are upfront about their hidden fees or where connection might be a little spotty, and help you find right internet plan for you, which can sometimes feel overwhelming.

First, we gonna explain to you who are the Millennials and also, we’re going to talk about CenturyLink services and how they can attend to millennials’ expectations properly. Let’s get started.


Millennials or Generation Y are known as the first generation born in the internet age. People of this digital era were born in earlies 1980 to earlies 2000. Since they are familiar with the internet since they were born, the need to be always online is crucial for them.

To have an idea, most Millennials states that the internet is a human right, which means that for them, internet access is a basic resource to live life with dignity. That’s a really important topic that takes us to another level.

Millennials enjoy making everything online:


Millennials really enjoy shopping online. According to Statista, 54% of their monthly shopping is made online. Also, 86% of the Millennials shop on the internet, which means they are the generation with more online shoppers in the US.


Millennials really enjoy streaming services, more than any other generation, preferring it to traditional TV. Millennials spend 1.5 hours on average on streaming or online TV.


Yes, Millennials rather communicate online than meet someone in person. Other senior generations, on the other hand, might not think the same, but Millennials are ok getting in touch with someone over videoconference or on social media only. It’s not they are cold or don’t care about anyone, it’s just because for Millennials, this is the way it is, period.

Millennials’ needs when it comes to internet are really relevant. To give you an idea, only 19% of Americans stated that could live without internet. In a reality where online services, as well as remote jobs, have been increasing drastically (most because of the pandemic), we wonder how these people can get by without internet in their lives.

Still talking about the labor market, another relevant piece of information about Millennials is that they are the most relevant workers in the market these days, and for them, the internet also has an important part in their job routine, especially because of the launch of new technologies and the increase of remote job.

Considering that Millennials are the largest generation living in the USA (73%), it’s necessary to attend to the needs of these people that are the bigger citizens in the country, and that is possible only with a good internet service provider, like CenturyLink, for example. Have you heard about them before? If the answer is no, keep reading the next paragraphs because you are about to know a little more about the company, as well as their services.

About CenturyLink

CenturyLink is an internet service provider known for matching good quality services with affordable prices. The company offers individual internet plans and bundles that include internet plus home phone, internet plus TV, or both altogether on a single package.

With CenturyLink, there are no surprises. You don’t need to buy a bundle so you can access internet service, for example, because there are individual internet plans up to your choice. Of Course, the bundles are great to match essential services to high-quality internet, but this decision is up to you.

CenturyLink plans, phone and internet bundles

Before we move forward, bear in mind that CenturyLink plans, phone and internet bundles may not be available in your area. Plus, the internet speed might vary according to where you live. To learn more about this, search your zip code on their website to know whether CenturyLink services are available or not in your zone.

With that said, let’s get started.

CenturyLink plans

CenturyLink offers DSL and Fiber individual internet plans at reasonable prices. Check it out.


CenturyLink provides DSL internet in 10mbps, 20mbps, 40mbps and 100mpbs options, all with unlimited caps and no overages charges. The values start at $49 dollars per month.

Fiber internet

For $65 dollars per month, you’ll have high-quality fiber internet, with 940 Mbps of download speed.

You can buy the modem for DSL or fiber internet with CenturyLink for $200 dollars or rent one and pay monthly for it for $15 dollars. If you prefer, you can continue using your current modem, but be aware of the fact it may not be compatible with CenturyLink internet services. Last, but not least, the internet speed may vary according to your zone.

Another extra charge is the installation, $149 dollars on average for professional installation and $49 dollars for self-installation.

CenturyLink bundles

Internet + Home Phone

In this bundle, you’ll have access to both high-quality unlimited internet and home phone. Here, you can choose between fiber internet or DSL to bundle.


$90 dollars DSL internet + phone bundle.

$105 dollars fiber internet + phone bundle.

Internet + TV

CenturyLink has partnerships with top TV providers services, like DISH TV, DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM. In the package, you can choose whether you prefer fiber or DSL internet. Prices start at $69.99 dollars per month in both DIRECTV and DISH TV bundle.

Internet + Phone + TV

Includes internet, TV and home phone in the same package. Prices vary from $149.99 dollars to $214.99 per month.

Which type of internet should I choose?

Considering all the information here, it’s hard to decide between two excellent options, especially about the prices, which are not drastically higher when comparing both fiber and DSL internet.

To make your decision easier, check the next paragraphs out so you can choose according to your usage, preferences, needs and so on.

Fiber x DSL


DSL (Digital subscriber line), runs over the phone line of your home, providing high-quality internet. It’s similar to dial-up, with the difference that the DSL doesn’t interrupt calls, which means you can keep using your phone line normally. That’s possible because the two frequencies run separately.

With the simple connection over the phone line, DSL internet is widely available, including in rural areas, where most of the time, it’s actually the only choice. That must be the reason DSL is present in 88%of US homes, according to FCC.

The download speed of DSL hits 100mbps maximum and the upload speed hits the max of 30mpb.To have good navigation, including browsing, emailing, shopping, streaming, etc, 25mbps of speed is great. Now, in a household of 3-4 people, for example, with multiple devices connected at the same time, 100mbps might be the best choice.

Fiber internet

Fiber-optic internet runs over fiber-optic cabling, which makes this service not as widely available as DSL since a lot of money must make this cabling structure, a detail that limits the area coverage. That’s why only 39% of Americans have access to fiber internet service.

Comparing to DSL, which has an excellent speed, fiber internet offers an even faster and reliable internet. Both download and upload speeds function symmetrically, hitting a maximum of 1,000 speed each. It means fiber internet provides a way more robust connection, great for those who really rely on the internet for media sharing purposes, like gamers, digital influencers or any heavy user.

Fiber internet has amazing performance for:

  • Social media video posts
  • Multiplayer games;
  • Livestream broadcasting;
  • Videoconferences with a large number of people online;
  • Downloading large files (30GB);
  • A household with more than 10 people with a lot of devices running at the same time;
  • Smart home devices.

Should I go with internet individual plans or bundles?

Bundles centralize more services in a combo, making the life of the customer easier when it comes to support and questions. Plus, all the used services will be displayed in the monthly expenses, which will include internet, phone line and TV altogether in the same bill, making things faster and easier for a busy daily routine.

The prices of the phone lines and TV services usually are cheaper when compared to individual plans, but it is worth it only if you really need all the products of the bundle, otherwise, you’ll be just spending your money.

To sum up, before opting for a bundle or individual internet plan, you have to consider your needs first. Do you use phone lines a lot? Are you a big fan of streaming? Only internet is enough for you? Think of all these aspects before making your decision.

In this article, you learned more about Millennials and how internet is important for them. You also learned how to get high-quality internet service with the help of CenturyLink, one of the biggest internet service providers in America, known for its top-quality internet plans and affordable prices.

Our goal is to guide you, Millennials, to what is the best internet in the market, matching the need for a reliable internet service to your budget. That said, we hope you liked this article and, if so, share it with other people who might relate to it.

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