Now, it is very clear that master data management service is a very important service but we are not too sure of who would be the correct person for this position. So it is advised that individuals with certification in Master Data Management would come out to be the best candidate for this position in an organization.

Here we will discuss the MDM certification courses that will help you get the position of master data management in a successful organization.

Master data management (MDM) is required to ensure that the enterprise’s data is consistent, accurate and controlled. The new master data services are now an important part of an organization and everyone would like to take a serious expert for this part of the job.

If you are interested in this part of the job, then you can find your edge by doing a certification course on data management and you can develop the skills of master data management easily and get a good position at a high-end company.

Top 3 Master Data Management Certifications

There are many master data management certification available for all the keen ones who are interested in master data management, but some of the ones which can be pursued and are well recognized are mentioned here. Here we have listed the top 3 types of Master data management certifications.

  • DAMA Certified Data Management Professional
  • E-Learning Curve CIMP Ex Master Data Management
  • Informatica MDM Administrator Specialist

DAMA Certified Data Management Professional

DAMA is the Data Management Association International certification course. And also, it is a certified data professional data management program that gives a certificate after completion of the course. This exam is conducted in 3 parts which are 90-minute exams each.

  • Information Systems (IS) Core exam
  • Data Management Core exam
  • Specialty exam

All three of the above exams are conducted for 90 minutes each.

An Organization that Offers: The DAMA Certified Data Management Professional is a certified course offered jointly by the Institute for Certification of Computer Professionals and DAMA.

E-Learning Curve CIMP Ex Master Data Management

This course has been designed such that it indicates that the candidate has achieved the highest level of certification in the Master Data Management Course. This exam is more difficult than the previous one, in this exam one has to appear for 5 exams. Not only that, like any other normal regular course, in this also one has to take up two ancillary subjects which they will have to complete during the course of E-Learning Curve CIMP Ex Master Data Management. If you are able to pursue this course then it will take you somewhere you never imagined.

An Organization that Offers: The E-Learning Curve CIMP Ex Master Data Management is an online course so it is offered online by the E-Learning Curve. Besides, it is an instructor-led online course that consists of a total of 5 hours.

Informatica MDM Administrator Specialist

The Informatica MDM Administrator Specialist validates competency as a member of an MDM administration team. This course tests skills and capabilities on installation and upgrades the performance of the candidate. And also, there are some factors of this course which is beneficial for the candidate and the organization he joins:

  • He would be aware of where to find resources from
  • And also, he would know how to shoot trouble
  • He would be aware of managing metadata
  • He would be able to upgrade the process and security of the data.

An Organization that Offers: Informatic is the organization from where you can pursue this course. This course will also help you lead to your dreams in your career in master data services.


Their are many such certification programs that are offered across the globe. And if you are keen to make a future in master data management then you must opt for the above-mentioned courses. Or maybe some other courses of similar value and recognization. And get yourself placed in a renowned organization as a Master data Manager.