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Comprehensive Manual for Video Annotation Tools [2024]

Comprehensive Manual for Video Annotation Tools [2024]


Video Annotation Tools – Many of the fascinating AI technologies that are transforming our world rely on video annotation. By labeling video material frame by frame, we enable computer vision models to comprehend a world in constant motion. However, video annotation can provide distinct challenges. Even simple training videos can have thousands of different frames that must all be accurately labeled.

Consequently, video annotation can be complex for businesses of all sizes. Kili-Technology is a platform designed to assist with this issue. Kili-Technology streamlines the generation of training datasets and improves label quality with its unique features and competitively priced video annotation tool.

Different Kinds of Video Annotation Tools

It would help if you had a solid understanding of the many different ways to video annotation before you can choose the appropriate annotation tool for the requirements of your company. This will give you a better understanding of the annotation requirements you have.

  • 2-dimensional Cuboid. In this particular method of annotating videos, square and rectangular boxes represent different aspects of the videos. Annotators strategically position boxes in close proximity to the subject of interest.
  • 3-dimensional Cuboid. This approach labels the items using 3D cuboid boxes, which enables the AI modeling to accurately estimate the three dimensions of the item as well as its relationship with the other objects in the environment.
  • Polygon Labelling. When the item of focus has an uneven form, the labeling of polygons provides a higher level of precision. To accomplish this, the annotator needs to be knowledgeable about labeling.
  • Landmarks / Crucial Points Objects are given keypoint labels by adding additional points. This is essential to capture the expressions on people’s faces, the movement of various body parts, and other skeletal features.
  • Lines & Splines. The determination of lanes and area borders is one of the most critical roles that lines and splines play in systems for automated driving.

Video Annotation Tools Strategies

There is a wide variety of approaches to video annotation that can be implemented to collect training data. Kili-Technology is a web-based system for video annotation that gives AI companies access to various video annotation methods.

These methods are utilized in order to produce video training data for a wide variety of artificial intelligence applications. When it comes to data annotation tools, all of the following are provided at reasonable pricing:

  • Bounding box annotation

In order to carry out this strategy, annotators will use boxes to pinpoint the relevant elements within a video frame. Annotating a video with bounding boxes helps save time because it can be done in bulk on hundreds of frames at once. On the other hand, techniques based on segmentation provide more precise results.

  • Polygon annotation

Annotators are able to capture more complicated shapes than before using this method. The usage of polygons by annotators allows for the joining of numerous thin lines that surround a target item. Because of this, they are capable of accurately describing the appearance of any object or person that they come into contact with. This method is required in order for segmentation approaches to be successful.

  • Skeletal annotation

This method is typically utilized in instructional videos to demonstrate the position of the human body with respect to the camera. Annotators perform this approach by drawing lines on human limbs joined at the joints’ points.

  • Key points annotation

The principal use of this technology is the identification of faces inside video frames. Annotators in video training data add annotation points to the eyes, noses, and mouths of individuals so that critical times in the film can be identified.

  • Lane annotation

When AI developers are in need of video training material to emphasize linear infrastructures such as motorways or pipelines, they turn to lane annotation methodologies. In order to complete the lane annotation procedure, the annotators must first draw parallel lines running the length of each of the video’s elements.

  • Bitmask annotation

Individual pixels are attached to their objects, which enables annotations to be isolated from one another or to have gaps between them.

What is the Best Way to Handle Video Annotation Tools?

Before selecting a tool for video annotation or deciding whether or not to outsource the job entirely, it is essential to act swiftly:

Acknowledge the obligation

Before you can make an informed selection regarding which video annotation tool to utilize, you must first understand what value you are seeking to generate. What are some of your motivations for wanting to annotate your video data?

If you want to employ video annotation for a long-term project, the best course of action would be to invest in a dedicated tool and teach additional people to use it. On the other hand, if your aims are only going to be met in the short term, such as putting a surveillance system in a supermarket, outsourcing is the more cost-effective option.

The criterion for selection

For leasing the service, you must examine both technical and economic factors. A tool for video annotation ought to be regarded depending on:

  • The tool must have a user-friendly interface, shortcut keys, and other features that enhance annotation efficiency.
  • Function: The type of labeling you need should guide your choice of video annotation software. Reviewing the preceding part on video annotation kinds and the nature of the project are crucial considerations when selecting the appropriate tool.
  • Various formats are available for video annotation, including COC JSON, Pascal Voc XML, Ternsorflow TFRecord, etc. Converting files to many formats with a single tool is more efficient than manually.
  • Assess whether you need a web-based or an offline application for your project. Since it is hazardous to submit private or secret data to third-party tools, offline tools are preferable.

Evaluate in great detail

The following step is to research and analyze the available tools and vendors on the market. It is of the utmost importance to confirm that the vendor provides the degree of adaptability and after-sale services commensurate with the annotation specifications you have provided.


Video Annotation Tools – Companies are utilizing annotation technologies to improve the clarity, precision, and effectiveness of the annotation procedure. By utilizing annotation tools, the number of defects can be minimized dramatically. The robust video annotation platform from Kili-Technology enables inventors to produce accurate training datasets for a spectrum of uses.

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