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Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse – Features, Price, Pros and Cons

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse

A new mouse for the Logitech G brand that in recent months has been moving very fast with many new products. It is the Logitech G502, another one to play with an attractive and aggressive design that comes with a good handful of features under the arm.

Logitech G502 appears with the name of ‘Proteus Core’ and some very surprising 12,000 dpi, with which it will foreseeably become one of the most sensitive mice on the market. Will he cry like that Kone [+] of 2010? Surely something else, since the sensitivity does not stop being double.

Logitech G502 Design

Of course, the multiple programmable buttons, a total of eleven, customizable, and stored in profiles on the mouse itself, could not be missing. The system of weights distributed in different areas of the mouse will also attract a lot of attention, and we will be able to choose which ones to place to put the center of gravity in one place or another. Something curious and innovative, although I must admit that I was never very close to mice with weights.

According to the manufacturer we are facing the most accurate sensor on the market, and that is that that 12,000 dpi are many dpi. If we get a little critical, we could say, why so many? Are there people out there who play with such sensitivity? For those who think it would suit him, the price of Logitech G502 is $69.80 and is already available in pre-sale, with the promise that they will start sending it at the end of April.

Here we have one of the main novelties of the Logitech G502, its system of weight. Specifically, its five weights of 3.6 grams with free weight distribution. Another is its outstanding rubber bumper protruding from the cable for fast movement. This cable is protected with nylon and a gold-plated USB connector for excellent conductivity.

It is a perfect combination when used with Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard.

Logitech G502 Features

Dimensions 132 x 75 x 40 mm
Weight 168 g
Colors Black and blue
Material Plastic and metallic elements
Resolution 200 – 12.000 DPI
Speed Maximum acceleration:> 40 G / maximum speed> 300 ips
Connection USB with response speed 1,000 Hz (1 ms)
Processor 32 bit microprocessor
Dumbbells Five weights of 3.6 g
Box contents 1 x Mouse, 5 x Weights, USB Cable, User Manual


There is another version of the G502, the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. The only difference is the RGB lighting of 16.8 million colors. For the rest, it maintains the same optical sensor PMW3366 with a sensitivity of 200 to 12,000 DPI, with complete fluidity with accelerations of up to 40G and a maximum speed of 300 IPS (inches per second).

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Logitech G502 Pros:

  • Balanced weight, with extra charges of 3.6 grams each to modify the mouse’s weight to your liking.
  • Color is Sober and elegant black color that combines with the tonality of LED light that emits in their areas.
  • Grip, you can take the mouse as you like without fear that after hours on the pc playing the adventures in “dungeons” of Warcraft or any RPG have consequences such as pain in hand or discomfort in the wrist.
  • Accuracy, The margin of missing the shot is tiny; this will make you more accurate in the games you play.
  • Sniper mode, ideal for people who specialize in this weapon, you will lower the sensitivity to the minimum for an effective shot.
  • 11 Buttons, adjust them to your comfort and thus take advantage over your enemies.
  • Software, you can adapt its basic features such as mouse lighting.
  • Profiles, save the settings for each game, and so you do not have to be modifying at any time you venture into another title.
  • No need installation, you can use it directly after connecting it to the USB port, however, to configure its 11 buttons you need to install the G502 software.

Logitech G502 Cons:

That does not include a mouse pad

Logitech G502 Price:

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core is still an excellent choice for all genres although it takes a while with us. You can get it through the Amazon link, even with some 2nd hand units at a great price.

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