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5 Proven Link Building Strategies to Leverage in 2020

5 Proven Link Building Strategies to Leverage in 2020

Link building has been identified as one of the honest ways to increase organic traffic to your site. While many people would still want to go in for fraudulent link buying activities, it is definitely not something that search engines like; on the contrary, such activities will now be penalized. In fact, in 2020, your site needs white hat techniques for link building that will help it rank high on Google search page results.

Here are five proven link building strategies or campaigns that will help websites leverage their online presence in 2020:

#1 Strategy – Guest Blogging

This is still one of the most used methods to build links to your site. Most credible sites with a good standing in the market, today, use guest posting, in some form or the other to gain backlinks. However, one cannot just randomly be a guest blogger at any site – there needs to be qualitative work behind this. Some of the ways to understand if a site is worth your time and energy involves looking into the Domain Rank and Domain Authority of the site.

Checking for the size of the traffic hitting the site and also checking if the site credits its guest writers by uploading the bio of the writer. If the site seems good to go on these parameters, it is best to connect with the website and its owners through social media to express your keenness to guest blog with them.

#2 Strategy – Invite guest bloggers to blog on your site.

This method is not quite popular yet, but it too has tremendous potential to help build strong links. In this method you need to invite experts from the field to blog on your site. You of course need to ensure that you have a decent following and online presence to be able to catch the attention of the right kind of people.

#3 Strategy – Research into how your competitors are getting their links

Well, this one works too. There are certain tools available in the market today that can be used for understanding the backlink profiles of your closest competitors. As you are in the same industry, you will get insight into their sources of links and then accordingly decide if it is worth reaching out to the same or similar sites for backlinks.

#4 Strategy – Report broken link to build quality links to your site

This strategy involves reporting broken links on another website and in so doing making a good impression about yourself. By reporting broken links to another, as a website owner you are doing a favor, and offering your content in place of the same is a good way to push your link building strategies. There are free tools that help you analyze sites for their broken links. Additionally, you can also opt for Link Building services from a reputed firm.

#5 Strategy – Inform the blogger whose links you use on your site

This is another good way to build links. If there are sites and blog posts that you mention on your site, ensure to inform the blog owner about this.

This way, if the other person finds your content interesting, she/he may share your blog on his social media or mention it in his blog, thereby helping you build great links.

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