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Understanding The Benefits Of Working With A LINE Advertising Agency

Understanding The Benefits Of Working With A LINE Advertising Agency

LINE Advertising Agency

Spend any time in countries like Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, or Taiwan, and you’ll notice people communicating through a messaging application that features colorful wallpapers and fun, silly stickers and animations. This is LINE, the most essential communication tool for residents of these countries and beyond. Every person, young and old, has a LINE account and uses it for everything from messaging to watching videos to shopping.  Brands in these countries would be wise to utilize the app’s ubiquity and partner with a LINE advertising agency to grow their reach.

As mentioned, LINE is a comprehensive platform with a few options for brands to work with should they be interested in establishing an official account. With 167 million monthly active users in just its four core markets, advertising on LINE is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. When working with a LINE advertising agency, you’ll be able to unlock your brand’s potential through a range of advertising solutions, which we’ve outlined below.

 Different Types of Ads

There are three main ways for brands to advertise on LINE’s platform: App ads; web ads; and video ads. These advertisements appear on the mobile and desktop versions of the app but are directed for different purposes. Web and app ads can be placed on the “chat” page or appear in a timeline as promoted content, while video ads typically appear in timelines or before videos on LINE TV.

App ads are designed to encourage users to download an app. Often these ads come from game companies who design their ads to showcase elements of their games. By using dynamic banners or short videos in a timeline, apps need to demonstrate their value to the user in a concise and digestible way that prompts the user to make a download.

Web ads work similarly in their placement, though they direct users to a 3rd party website instead of an app. These advertisements typically feature more text and information about a brand or service, as users are more likely to open a web page than they are to download an app. This can be an effective tool for brands with products to showcase a new item or promotion.

Video ads are similar to those that appear on YouTube or other video platforms. Quality is paramount for video ads, and while they can be an engaging and useful tool, they are also a risky investment.

It is through the nuance of different user behavior that working with a LINE advertising agency that uses data analytics to understand which types of ads generate the most conversion becomes a necessary step.

Official Accounts

LINE also allows for businesses to create an official account where they can share information to their friends and followers. Getting users to add your page can be difficult as many users do not like to have their message feed clogged with advertisements. That said, if utilized correctly, say for periodically pushing promotions or for distributing premiums like LINE stickers, official accounts can be a direct way to reach your audience.

LINE advertising agencies will have the data and user behavior to help design a distribution schedule that is not overwhelming to users.

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