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Reasons to Learn Python in 2020

Reasons to Learn Python in 2020

Reasons to Learn Python in 2020

Getting started with Python is more sophisticated as it is anything but difficult to learn and innovative enough to build a web application and robotize the tiring stuff.

In fact, several years ago, scripting was the fundamental purpose behind learning Python, and that was also a matter of the first importance.

For seasoned software engineers or someone who definitely knows  RubyJava, or JavaScript, learning Python involves securing another integral asset in your arsenal of weapons and I still can’t seem to come up with a developer who disapproves of a device, and that’s the right method to look for. when you become familiar with another programming language.

Python lets you manage things and lets you focus on all the things that are most energizing and valuable. If you are a Java developer, you can also do it with Groovy, however, Groovy does not offer you what Python in terms of its wide scope in APIs, libraries, structures, and areas like data science, machine learning and web development.

Python is considered one of the most popular and sought-after programming languages and Python certification one of the most sought after for programming accreditations. StackOverflow, CodeAcademy, h2kinfosys & iitworkforce have referenced Python development as a predominant programming language

For an accomplished software engineer, learning Python online is important as it is the most widely used programming language, and there are amazing APIs and libraries accessible for AI, Data Science and Machine learning.


Reasons to learn Python in 2020

1. Employment and growth

Python is developing a really quick and noteworthy time, and it bodes well for gaining proficiency with a significant programming language in development in case you’re just starting out on your programming calling.

It will not only help you find a new line of work quickly, but it will also accelerate your career development.

2. Salary

Python developers are one of the most generously compensated developers, especially in data science, machine learning, and web development. In general, likewise, they are excellent at paying, going from 70K USD to 150K USD  depending on their experience, area and space.

The average Python Developer salary in the United States is approximately $ 116,028/year.

3. Easy to learn

Python’s versatile and extensible properties allow you to consistently perform multilingual tasks. Python is supported by most of the stages present in today’s business, ranging from Windows to Linux to Macintosh, Solaris, Play station, among others.

Python’s extensibility highlights allow you to embed Java as .NET segments. You can also conjure C and C ++ libraries.

Python is straightforward. Also, it is simple to configure; you don’t have to handle any classpath problems like Java or compilation problems like C ++.

4. Libraries and frameworks

One of the similarities between Python and Java is the large number of open source libraries, frameworks, and modules accessible to anything you want to do. Makes app development extremely simple.

Python is great for approving thoughts or items for established businesses. Python has worked on test frameworks that deliver faster troubleshooting and workflows. There are many tools and modules to keep things simple, like Selenium and Splinter.

It is the basis for cross-stage testing and cross-programming with frameworks such as PyTest and Robot Framework.

Python has several libraries for various needs. Django and Flask are two of the best known for web development, and NumPy and SciPy are for Data Science.

5. Multipurpose Language

With Python we can create different applications, I have already mentioned it throughout the Post, its functions are multidirectional, there are several areas and fields in which Python is useful.

We can also use python in Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), there are Frameworks that allow us to create them such as Kivy, PQT, WxPython, Tkinter, etc.

There are Frameworks such as PyKyra and PyGame that allow developers to create games and render 3D elements. Regarding CAD applications, there is Fandango that allows working with Computer Aided Design (CAD)


These are some of the important reasons to learn Python in 2020. Knowing how to code is essential today, and in the event that you don’t know how to code, you’re missing something, and Python is a great way to start learning to code.

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