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Learn How To Rank Your Website And Get More Traffic To Your Website!

Learn How To Rank Your Website And Get More Traffic To Your Website!

Learn How To Rank Your Website And Get More Traffic To Your Website

SEO isn’t just about searching engines; it improves a site’s usability and user experience. We all trust search engines to show us the most relevant results to our inquiries and having a website that appears in the top results for the keywords the user is looking for boosts your website’s trust. If you’re not a tech or digital marketing expert, then you should consider hiring a local Houston SEO Agency like Just 99 Web Design to optimize your website.

While SEO is a necessary tool for improving the rank of your website and driving more traffic, it provides many other marketing benefits. For example, it is a great way to raise brand recognition, develop relationships with prospects, and establish oneself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy authority in your sector.

Diving into search engine ranking and increasing the traffic to your site can certainly feel overwhelming and challenging, but we have a couple of tips and tricks for getting the ball rolling. Take a look below!

Create Relevant Content

The number one driver of your search engine rankings is high-quality content with an authoritative presence. Unfortunately, there is no alternative for unique content, especially when it comes to SEO marketing.

Quality content tailored to your target audience boosts site traffic, boosting your site’s credibility and significance. Sharpen your web writing skills and establish yourself as an authority on the topic you’re writing about.

Understanding Keywords

For each authoritative content page on your website, identify and target various keywords and keyword phrases. Then, consider how your reader might use search phrases to find the content you are creating.

Understanding your potential reader is absolutely crucial during this stage. An online digital marketing expert like Just 99 Web Design can help you get inside your readers’ heads and determine the most effective way to reach them through keywords.

Keep It Simple And Direct

It may be tempting to use multiple keyword phrases in hopes of catching the attention of as many readers as possible, but this is undoubtedly a plan that will backfire. A web page’s ability to get search engine ranks for several keyword phrases is incredibly challenging unless the keywords are pretty similar.

For example, a single page may be able to rank if the keywords are “analytical marketing jobs” and “analytical marketing careers.” If you attempt to include too many topics on one page, it is unlikely you will rank for any of your keywords. To share content with multiple keyword phrases and topics, consider creating specific pages for each idea.

Be consistent.

A few sporadic posts will not increase your rank or web traffic successfully. One of the best markers of a site’s relevance is regularly updated content. Therefore, posting on a consistent is essential. Creating a content and posting schedule is the best way to maintain consistency while providing the opportunity to audit your content’s success.

Publish Guest Posts

A guest post is a piece of writing published on another person’s blog. Guest articles and posts are helpful marketing strategies for various reasons, including increasing brand acknowledged or appearing in branded search query results.

Most people, however, use them to insert backlinks. These backlinks often revert to your website to drive more traffic from sources outside your blog or content sharing. This strategy must be carefully and effectively executed as search engines, and readers are exposed to many poorly written guest posts that fail to provide relevant content.

Promote Your Content

While your content acts as its promotional tool, there is no harm in promoting traffic to your content. There are plenty of online communities you can use to drive more visitors to your content, thus increasing web traffic and the potential to improve your website’s ranking.

Aim to promote your content through relevant communities found on Facebook, Reddit, and other platforms and forums. Keep these factors in mind:

  • Make sure the community has a connection to your content (relevancy), and
  • Refrain from being spammy with your promotions – members will begin to tune you out.

Expand Your Media Reach

Just because your website and content exist in a written, digital space does not mean that you can’t venture into other advertising media forms. After all, today’s users rely on many different screens and platforms as they develop their impression of a company or brand.

Podcasts, videos, and other forms of interactive media build trust and authority within your brand or business and create more familiarity with your potential visitors and readers. After hearing about you from an external source, they may be more inclined to search for you and your content elsewhere.

It’s Time To Retire Set-It-And-Forget-It Strategies

While it is tempting to think that you can create content and other web materials that will retain their relevancy forever, outdated content can have devastating effects on your traffic and rank.

Search engines love to see that websites consistently manage and update their content. A simple update, when executed effectively, can drastically improve your website’s rank for a specific keyword.

It is also important to remember that well-ranking content is often a target for competitors. So, while you think you may have created the perfectly optimized post, numerous competitors may have already found ways to improve upon your “outdated” content.

A Delicate Dance

There is no straightforward approach to improving a website’s rank and generating more traffic. Many factors contribute to the success of a website while helping it achieve its goals. Time, effort, and a profound understanding of this process are essential.

Luckily, there are a few practical ways to ensure that your content and SEO efforts are not executed in vain. For example, just 99 Web Design helps small to medium-sized businesses and brands improve and maintain their rank while consistently driving traffic to your site! Their team of experts knows the ins and outs of content marketing and how to combine them for the desired result.

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