For those who are looking to do things around the house comfortably and quickly, we bring you the best tips on how to lay cement tiles in a practical and easy way. But if you don’t have enough time, hiring Minnesota tile contractors is a wise decision.

How to put tiles quickly and easily?

To put new tiles on a floor that already had some type of ceramic, plate or floor finished previously, the first thing we must do to start the new action is to remove what we had.

We know and realize that many times removing old tiles can be a complicated or almost impossible task. In the hypothetical case that the old tile is still in good condition, it is possible to install them over them, but it is still important to follow the appropriate steps so that we can obtain good results.

Prepare the soil

If the previous tile or tile we believe at the discretion and conscientiously that it will withstand the support of the new structure, it can become a solid base that serves as a subfloor for the new layer of tiles by installing them on top of them.

Level before starting

So everything before, it is essential to make sure that the floor is level. And it is that uneven floors over time can deteriorate the tiles and the finish will not be neat, you will notice some joints between new plates that disengage from the ideal geometry.

To take advantage of the previous base:

– Clean and sand the surface of the old tile until it is rough. This action will make the new soil grip better.

– Apply a very thin coat of mortar and fill in the current grout lines. These will provide an optimal base for the new tiles to adhere perfectly. The grout line is the space between tile and tile.

– Wait for the coat to dry for 24 hours. In this way, the new support will have a solid base and without danger of cracking due to the pressure that you exert on the new layer.

How to lay tiles on tiles?

You can only place one tile on top of another if there is concrete or mortar underneath. If not, you will need to break the tile and start over. You will usually tell with the naked eye if the floor is not solid or if it moves when you walk on the tiles.

How do you lay tiles on the floor?

Something recurrent when starting to put a new floor is the starting point. This refers to the fact that the spaces are seldom considerably square, so we must have the insight that we make the necessary measurements previously.

After this planning we will be able to make a paper diagram of how we are going to distribute the tiles. The problem is that if the wall is not completely straight, we will have to cost the tiles in different widths.

Once you know the distribution, mark the lines with chalk on the ground to have a guide that helps you place straight rows and that everything fits perfectly.

Pour water into a bucket and add half a pot of cement. Mix everything well and do not lift the paddle to prevent air from entering.

When the mixture is homogeneous, let it rest for about 10 minutes. Then I mix again and check that it has the right consistency. The mortar should not fall off the trowel easily.

Apply a little cement in each corner and spread it over the area where you are going to put the tiles. There should be enough mix to cover the base of the tile and there should be no uncovered areas.

Then comb the mixture and place the tile using pressure. Place another tile next to it and insert spacers so that they fit perfectly. You should see that the tiles follow the line and straighten them if necessary.

Are you now ready to work?