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Laptop vs. Desktop: Which Is Right for You
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Laptop vs. Desktop: Which Is Right for You

Laptop vs Desktop

When you decide that it is time to get a new computer, one of the first decisions to make is whether you want a laptop or a desktop. Neither is inherently better than the other. Instead, the choice depends on your computer use and preferences. To help you choose which one makes the most sense for you, consider the following.

Portability Is the Prime Concern

The very first thing to ask yourself is how often you plan to move your computer around. Laptops have an obvious advantage in this respect. Yes, it is possible to move a desktop around, but it takes a lot more effort. It will be bulky, heavy, and more complicated.

Performance Is Not as Important as It Used to Be

It used to be that if you compared a desktop and laptop at the same price points, the desktop would always have better performance and specs. While desktops still sometimes have an advantage, it has shrunk significantly.

Now, it is easy to find a gaming laptop with power that can compete with desktops. That being said, you will still commonly save a little by getting a desktop over a laptop. However, those savings are now frequently negligible. When you factor in your Newegg promo code, you can even eliminate the price difference.


While desktops no longer automatically have a power advantage, they do still have some advantages over laptops. One of these is their customization. Simply put, it is much easier to customize a desktop than a laptop. This is true whether you want to personalize the specs or upgrade it after you buy.

After all, a desktop has more space for you to swap out GPUs, CPUs, and other parts. On a related note, it also tends to be much easier to build a desktop than a laptop. Since building a PC is the ultimate way to customize it, this gives desktops a huge advantage.

Ports and Other Inputs

Every computer needs some ports, such as USB ports. That being said, desktops are more likely to have the USB ports, ethernet ports, and other inputs you need. Many laptops today, for example, don’t have CD drives anymore. Many don’t have ethernet ports either.

The caveat here is that you should have no issue finding a laptop with the ports you need. You will just have to pay close attention to the specs to confirm.

Extra Monitors, Keyboards, and More

If you know you will need an extra monitor or don’t like typing on laptop keyboards, then these would be natural reasons to go with a desktop. However, remember that you can always connect an external keyboard or monitor to your laptop. Doing so is simply more natural with a desktop.

What If You Buy a Laptop and Regret It?

If you buy a desktop and realize you need a laptop, you are out of luck. But, if you buy a laptop and realize a desktop would have made more sense, you still have options. You can set your laptop up with a docking station, extra monitor, mouse, and external keyboard. This will get it close to a desktop, although it isn’t quite the same.


It is no longer the case that a desktop will automatically give you better specs for the same price. The price difference is now negligible in most cases. So, stick to a laptop if you need portability and consider a desktop if you want more customization.

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