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How to Kill Bed Bugs with Steam? – Computer Tech Reviews
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How to Kill Bed Bugs with Steam? – Computer Tech Reviews

Kill Bed Bugs with Steam

Living with a bed bug can be a harrowing experience. Anyone that has ever experienced a bed bug infestation will know it is difficult to get rid of. Very few processes ever work in the eradication of bed bugs and even worse, is that it cannot be managed. Bed bugs reproduce at a very high rate and while you are struggling with a few in one day, you have a thousand the next day for your delay. Bed bugs thankfully are not impossible to get rid of. There are effective methods that are effective in the eradication process and one of them is the use of steam.

Kill Bed Bugs with Steam

Heat is the archenemy of bed bugs. Any method that involves the use of heat to get rid of bed bugs is always efficient. Most people burn their carpets, mattresses, rugs and other habitable places for bed bugs as other methods will only transfer them from one place or host to the other. Although heat is effective in getting rid of bed bugs, steam is a particularly interesting method that most people are beginning to adopt in their war against bed bugs and they have good results. In case you are looking to know how you can use steam to kill bed bugs, here is how it is done.

Bed Bug Steamer


Commercial Steamer for Bed Bugs

The most important thing to consider when you want to carry out the steaming process of removing bed bugs has to be the steamer quality. Some of the best bed bug steamers can be found on bed bug steamer amazon. Commercial steamers are the most reliable and effective. The steamer temperature can be controlled with the volume control of the steamer. A steamer can reach all nooks and crannies of a room to eradicate bed bugs from their hideout. It is a very effective process.

Bed bugs do not always hide, they sometimes just stay on the uppermost layer of an item and a steamer is best used to get rid of them without spoiling the item.  Items such as apparels and fabrics, surfaces such as cracks and crevices will only be free from bed bugs when you use a high-temperature steamer.  When a temperature as high as 71 degrees centigrade to 82 degrees centigrade on a steamer is used then it can kill bed bugs effectively. You are better of using the steamer after studying the manual properly, that way you can man the steamer efficiently. The steaming process must be done carefully and painstakingly.

Bed Bug Steamer Accessories

Consider the following tips when you want to use a steamer;

  • Make sure you are using the accurate temperature while using a steamer. The steamer’s temperature has to be high enough if you have any chance at totally evacuating the bed bugs in your space. If the temperature is too low then the bed bugs do not die and they keep reproducing while being a torn on your flesh. If the temperature is too high then you may damage the surface of the item that the bed bugs hide in. The best bet is to use the right temperature which is between 71 degrees centigrade and 82 degrees centigrade. This temperature is high enough to kill the bed bugs but temperate enough to not harm the surface.
  • Consider attaching a triangular nozzle to the steamer other than a floor steamer. A triangular nozzle can reach into the dark areas and irregular surfaces or crevices where the bed bugs might be hiding. A floor nozzle may not be able to reach into such areas but when it must be used, it should be used cautiously.
  • The steamer is ideal for every surface but it is best that the surfaces are damp before a steamer is used. Damp surfaces make it easier and quicker for the steamer to attack and kill the bed bugs. A damp surface does not mean a very wet surface. The steamer works best when the surfaces are exposed to a bit of moisture. You should take this particular tip seriously if you intend to effectively eradicate the bed bugs from the hiding places, dark corners, nooks and crannies, different surfaces such as cracks and crevices.
  • It is essential that you cool the surface after steaming. You should not leave the surface to be as hot as they were during steaming. You can expose it to natural air or breeze for the surface or fabric to be cooled or you can use a fan to cool the surfaces faster.
  • Be sure to cool the steamer itself before you put it back it in its pack. You should refrain from leaving the steamer within the reach of rodents and children. You should always put it in its package after use immediately after cooling it.

Precautions While Using Bed Bug Steamer

Using a steamer is not something that should be done carelessly. You must take precautions seriously if you have any plans of not hurting yourself o people around you. Adhering to precautions such as not using a pinpoint or direct nozzle is important when using a steamer. The heat has to be spread out over surface, rooms and a larger range as a pinpoint nozzle will harm the surfaces due to the intensity of the high temperature while still not reaching to a lot of places.

Another important precaution is to take into consideration is that steamers have the capacity to reach really high temperatures that can burn your skin badly. Use the steamer carefully and keep it away from children. You should also keep it away from rodents so they do not chew the wires and expose you to electrocution.

Steamers promise to eradicate bed bugs from your environment with little or no stress. Purchase a quality steamer from the right vendor such as bed bug steamer Amazon and be sure of an effective machine.

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