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The Key Benefits of Outsourced IT Support [2024]

The Key Benefits of Outsourced IT Support [2024]


Many businesses these days – particularly those in the SMB category – are opting to outsource their IT support to an external provider. We asked TechQuarters about the key benefits of Outsourced IT Support – they themselves are IT support and service providers with many years of experience in their field.

There are a number of key benefits of outsourcing your IT support to an

  1. Experience

Perhaps, as a small business, you only have a very small IT department that covers the company’s demands – the department may even be a single IT manager that has been with the company since it started. The reality is that you can only rely so heavily on a small team, because nobody can have expertise in every area of IT – even a team of engineers can have gaps in expertise or experience.

On the other hand, an IT support provider like TechQuarters, who have been providing IT support for small business for more than a decade, will have a much larger pool of engineers that are rostered in such as way that customers will always have access to experienced engineers – a good provider will even have 24/7 access available.

  1. New ideas

Another worthy consideration is that an outsourced IT solution provider will have experience with a wide range of businesses. Their customers may well vary in industry and sector, as well as size, and even their IT infrastructures will each be relatively unique. As an IT provider, they will have seen a variety of scenarios and therefore they will have experience implementing a variety of different solutions.

Your internal team, on the other hand, may be less adept at coming up with new ideas and solutions to IT problems. It is natural that, when working with a single client or system, the people using it will fall into step in terms of how they work.

  1. Scalability

When you are receiving IT support from an Outsourced IT solution, you are most likely only receiving a fraction of what the provider has to offer – they will be built to deliver services on a large scale, and unless you happen to be in the top percentile of their customers in terms of size, there will be places to go with the service as your organisation adapts and changes.

For example, TechQuarters offer a range of London IT services that range from Remote IT Support all the way up to full Managed Services; and many of their customers started out on a smaller or cheaper package than the one they are on now.

  1. Cost efficiency

Once again, there is the consideration that you’re getting just a fraction of the resources and expertise that go into running a fully outsourced IT support company. If you were to invest in the same resources and personnel that your provider does, your budget would increase several times over.

If you were to invest only what you could afford to invest in your IT department, it would most likely fall short of what you can get from an outsourced IT provider.

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