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JEE Main Syllabus: Important Sections To Focus On, For The Final Revisions

JEE Main Syllabus: Important Sections To Focus On, For The Final Revisions

Aspirants who were to take the JEE Main examination in April’ 20 may have been taken aback due to the postponement of the JEE Main examination due to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. However, a serious aspirant should not step away from the peddle as the competition is very tough, the stakes are very high as everyone wants to get into the country’s best and prime Engineering Institutions, the IITs. JEE Main Syllabus is divided into three sections- Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

It is also a great opportunity for those who have just finally completed the JEE Main Syllabus 2020 prescribed by the National Testing Agency for the JEE Main examination. To help them further, we are bringing this article to understand the right method of revising the important sections. This will benefit the student by having the strategy that is at par with the JEE toppers as the tips listed in this article are from those who have cleared JEE Main.

Now that you are on board, it is important to understand that revising the entire JEE Main Syllabus 2020 is going to take up a lot of time and will seem scary too, thanks to the world of material that is available nowadays. The best way to revise is to do it daily because revision is a continuous process and that sitting at one stretch can become difficult. If this is not your thing then you can take a chapter-wise practice test, which would keep interested and add the problem-solving scenario.

JEE Main Syllabus 2020 – Revising Physics

While we’ll list out a few topics that would have a higher chance to be in the JEE Main exam from the Physics, it is important to follow the following tips while starting the revising the JEE Main Physics Syllabus 2020:

  • Go through every single concept and topic as fast as possible from your notes to ensure you understand them and just in case, a certain concept or topic is not clear, refer to your textbooks.
  • It is also important to be able to visualize the mechanisms and processes in mind to be able to apply the same practically in mind. Similarly, you must practice and remember the formulas and their derivations.

The topics which should be on the top of the list of revision in Physics include topics like Electromagnetism, Rotation, Magnetism and SHM as they carry good weightage and are high scoring. The reason why they should be done first is that these topics require you to understand concepts thoroughly and once that is done, you would be able to boost your score through these topics. Thus in case if there is some more time that is required to understand a concept, you have it.

There are few topics which come directly from the theoretical part, for example, chapters like Modern Physics, Current electricity, Newton’s laws of motion, Oscillations and sound, Heat and thermodynamics will allow you to attempt the question without any doubt in mind.

JEE Main Syllabus 2020 – Revising Chemistry

Chemistry is a theoretical intensive subject and would surely take the most amount of time among all the sections. You could follow the below methodology of revision to make sure that you are not taking too much time and so that the revision is done properly:

  • Easier topics like Electrochemistry, D-Block Elements, Chemical Kinetics, Gaseous and Liquid state, Chemical bonding, Aromatic Compounds, Nuclear and Surface Chemistry, Alkyl Halides, and Coordination Compound must be revised first as they have the most weightage combined and would help you secure good marks.
  • At the last begin with the lengthier topics as well as more complex that need more revision time are General Organic Chemistry, Isomerism, Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives, Thermodynamics, Aldehydes and Ketones and P-Block Elements.

JEE Main Syllabus 2020 – Revising Mathematics

It is quite evident that Mathematics is a practice-oriented subject and that a few chapters would require a lot more attention like Vectors and 3-D, whereas the chapters like Probability or Indefinite integration as Vectors and 3-D offers very less scope to the examiner, as far as variety in questions is concerned.

You can follow the following methodology for the revision of JEE Main Mathematics Syllabus 2020:

  • A chapter like Complex Number is a very important topic for the JEE Main examination, as every year 2 to 3 problems are asked from this. Chapters like complex numbers, vectors, 3-D and Definite integral must be on top priority for the revision.
  • It is important to know the results of Algebraic Calculations of properties of conics to tackle questions from Coordinate Geometry.
  • In chapters of Calculus like Functions, Application of derivatives one can fetch easy marks if the graphical approach is adopted.
  • If there is something that can be ignored due to time issues, you can pay less heed to the Trigonometry chapter as it has less weightage. However, you must grasp all important formulae in Trigonometry, just in case a question which requires just the direct implementation of formula, you can still score in this topic.
  • Chapters like Statistic, Determinants, Mathematical Reasoning, and Mathematical Induction are sure to fetch some quick marks as the questions from this chapter are relatively simple and must also be covered to secure marks from this part of JEE Main Mathematics Syllabus 2020.

It is important to give equal attention to all three subjects because they carry equal weightage. JEE Main exam’s syllabus is vast but not so difficult to crack if you prepare intensely. Make effective use of this extra time you got due to the spread of coronavirus across the world.

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