Innovative Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has changed the course of history drastically. What started as rule-based automation has now become capable of mimicking human interactions and behaviors. The advanced algorithms offer better speed and result as compared to their human counterparts. AI has changed how we do business or perform daily activities for that matter. With tech giants all over the world, bringing innovations, people are still oblivious of the use of AI in their lives. AI algorithms have benefitted our lives in many undetectable ways. A few examples are the identification and removal of spam from the inbox, select images for posts, and displaying relevant content.

The accelerated use of this technology has brought more innovation to the market to revolutionize the everyday lives of people and businesses. Here we have compiled some of the innovative applications of artificial intelligence in 2020:

#1. Health Care and Medical Diagnostics

The health care industry still operates on the conventional operational model. That makes the preservation of sensitive data problematic for the people involved in the industry. The innovation of artificial intelligence helps in handling volumes of data without losing the sense of privacy and confidentiality. AI algorithms also have a use for better analysis and understanding of risks and diagnostics. AI provides specific strategies and systems to take care of issues in a variety of medical domains.

Clinical medicine frequently uses AI for the examination of clinical parameters and their visualization. For example, it can forecast disease and make predictions about patient care and treatment planning.

#2. Smart Cars and Drones

Smart car and drone manufacturers are at the frontlines with those utilizing artificial intelligence to its fullest extent. Not too long ago, the use of fully automated cars was just a dream. Today, we have made significant progress towards making that dream a reality as we have a fleet of semi-automatic vehicles on the road.

On the other hand, companies like Amazon are now investing heavily in drone technologies for effortless delivery. Besides these, military use of drones has also shown significant progress. While the use of AI in smart cars and drone services is still in its infancy stage, it has already shown promising results for the future. Computer vision AI has enabled us to imagine a myriad of uses for self-driving vehicles and drones across industries to make our work more manageable.

#3. Content Moderation and Cyber Security

Internet and the free flow of information have brought the world to our doorstep with a few clicks. Where people benefit from this platform enormously, there is no denying the fact that people do abuse it as well. The most common type of digital abuse is the spread of fake news and disinformation. Emerging AI innovations are now facilitating interaction between machines and humans for content moderation and evaluation. These platforms analyze the context and allow content that has minimal human interference.

Besides content management, artificial intelligence has also made headlines in cybersecurity. Researchers are now seeking innovative strategies to identify and combat cybercrimes, phishing, and fraud. The defensive mechanism based on old data patterns is currently under development to combat these cyber-attacks and malicious activities.

#4. Marketing, Banking, and Finance

AI has made its way into the business sector by integrating itself with marketing and financial activities. AI in marketing employs highly predictive algorithms that analyze the pattern of your older searches and views. The analysis then leads to the display of relevant information for promotional purposes.

That has made it easy for both buyers and sellers to display and find only the specific product or service for their convenience. Banking and financial institutions have also employed the use of AI technologies for active customer support and detection of any type of financial fraud.

The analysis algorithms determine the future patterns of the market, based on which they carry out trading. In this age, commercial organizations rely on AI to improve and boost stock performance.

#5. Retail Management

Online shopping creates a pool of rich data that displays individual habits, preferences, and preferred channels of purchasing. Feeding this data to an AI algorithm helps to curate shopping journeys for mass audiences. Automated bots can give customers less or more customer service based on their past shopping history. The use of AI has become prevalent in the retail industry by providing a relevant advertisement to customers.

On the consumer side, AI creates interactive visual ads that visitors want to check out. At the same time, the bots handle all the payment transactions. That allows businesses to manage more clients at the same time while keeping the burden on their systems low.


Artificial intelligence is a significant breakthrough in our century. Both individuals and businesses have employed the use of AI-based technologies to promote their services or make their lives easier. AI has become prevalent in all aspects of our lives, and applications mentioned above are some of its live examples.