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An Overview of Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

An Overview of Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Initial Coin Offering

ICO is a fundraising method that takes place for unregulated means for ventures that revolve around cryptocurrency. Banks and venture capitalists are required to go through capital-raising processes various times. In such cases, ICO may come in handy to bypass a regulated and rigorous fundraising process. This type of project enables the project backers to purchase a percentage of the cryptocurrency for other cryptocurrencies or legal tender.

Before you set up your mind to raise money by utilizing the initial coin offering, make sure that you have a detailed plan that outlines the entire project. Determine your project’s objective, what you want to achieve through this journey, and what you want to complete eventually. You should also make sure how much money you wish to raise throughout this fundraising campaign so that you can undertake the whole venture all the way more effectively. This also helps in understanding how much pioneers will get to keep.

One needs to get the hang of the ICO script with the help of an ICO software for running an active ICO. This software helps you to launch your initial coin, offering instantly in an effective manner. Users can easily buy coins without any hassle, and you have a top-notch dashboard to manage all the things related to the campaign.

Crowdfunding and IPOs

Crowdfunding and IPOs (Initial Public Offering) are just like the ICOs. Much like the IPOs, in ICO, a startup company needs to sell a stake to arrange funds that will aid the operations. However, there is a difference between these two. IPOs have to deal with the investors directly, whereas, with ICO, you can work closely with supporters who are eagerly allowing you to demonstrate everything about your project to them, much like the crowdfunding event.

However, the ICO backers are usually looking to make a high ROI (Return On Investment), unlike crowdfunding donors. Crowdfunding donors do not have any intentions of making a return from the donations. This is why ICOs are known as crowd sales in the industry rather than crowdfunding.

Initial Coin Offering has been successful with plenty of transactions so far. Technology has come this far, and it has gifted us with an innovative tool that we call the ICO. However, investors always have to keep their eyes wide open as many fraudulent campaigns are existing here and there these days. This is because the campaigns tend to be highly unregulated. Financial authorities are not likely to be doing anything with this mishap. If you, unfortunately, lose funds in such initiatives, it might get a battle of wits for you to get compensation. Due to this, there are a few regions that do not tolerate initial coin offerings at all. Therefore, you always have to make sure that you buy such currency from trusted sources to remain safe over the long haul.

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