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Hushme Soundproof Mask Review

Hushme Soundproof Mask Review

Hushme Soundproof Mask Review

Hushme is a very futuristic-looking device. It looks like one of the best gaming headphones under 100 around your neck. It seems even more alien when you wear it on the face. Still, what is exactly the Hushme Mask?

It is a sound-isolation device that suppresses surrounding sounds, making you sound clear on the other side of the line. However, there are a few features that should be described in detail before you choose to purchase the device.


The device was crowdfunded on Kickstarter. The core idea of the Hushme mask was to provide comfortable communication in a loud, crowded space, for example, in a coworking or a big office. The mask could suppress your voice and make it silent for the people around while the person on the other side of the line will hear you perfectly.

Such noise-canceling technology is a tough sound-engineering challenge. And, to answer the question at the beginning, Hushme does not provide the experience you would expect from its representation. Still, let’s look closely at the device from all angles.


Hushme mask is a relatively big mask-band that you wear on your neck and put on the face when you need to use the device. It is made from plastic and does not have metallic parts. It makes the device lighter and more fragile.

In the case of the Hushme mask, weight is an important factor as you would wear it a lot. On the inside, there’s a closed sound chamber made of an ear cushion. It is similar to one of regular headphones but more curved for the shape of a mouth. It is covered with thin, artificial leather.

The device fixates on the head with flexible stripes. You place the cup on your upper lip and then close the mask; it sits on the face tightly. You can get used to the feeling of the mask on pretty quickly. However, it is not designed to be locked all the time. Besides, the microphone has two modes, mask on and off, which implies active switching between the modes.



Hushme mask connects to your smartphone as a regular Bluetooth headset. Activate Bluetooth on the device and your smartphone or Pc. They will connect easily. Hushme has a pair of built-in headphones. Their quality is on an average level.

In fact, they serve utility purposes solely. You won’t buy a soundproof mask for the audiophile sound quality of its headphones. You can listen to music and answer the calls easily with headphones. The device also has buttons for play, pause, and change music tracks.

Besides, there’s a button for switching the microphone mode. It would be better if the model changed automatically when you close or open the mask. Yet, it is a small nuance.

However, there’s the biggest issue with the Hushme mask. You expect that the mask will make your voice more silent for the people around you. But, the device does the opposite: it suppresses the sound of people around you but not your voice.

You attract more attention when you speak with the mask. Besides, when you speak with the locked mask, it distorts your voice a bit. Thus, if you want to play an online game and not draw attention, it would be a poor choice.

Hushme may attract as something new and undiscovered. However, the real scope of the device is to help you speak from noisy places. If you face such a necessity a lot, then Hushme would serve you well.

If you can postpone an important conversation, then the device would not be of much use.

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