Hoxhunt Review: Phishing Training And Response Solution for Businesses | 2020

Hoxhunt: According to recent studies, 30% of phishing emails are opened by target users, and 12% of them click on malicious links or attachments — not realizing how they just aided in making the cyberattack a success.

If your employees do not have the awareness or training to spot and respond to phishing attacks properly, your business could be in danger of becoming just another company that falls prey to cyber-attacks.

Companies like Hoxhunt, however, offer a solution by helping you turn what could be your security weaknesses into some of your biggest assets — your employees.

Through Hoxhunt’s automated cyber training program, you can educate your employees to help protect your business by preparing them to detect and react to phishing emails appropriately.

In this review, we’ll take a look at Hoxhunt as a phishing training and response solution and check whether or not it’s the right fit for your cybersecurity needs.

The Hoxhunt approach to protecting against phishing attacks

Hoxhunt is a cybersecurity awareness solution that uses Artificial Intelligence in its phishing training program to help you empower your employees in detecting and reporting attacks — and protect your business.

Hoxhunt’s fully automated service provides security training by simulating real phishing attacks and showing the possible techniques that attackers might use to infiltrate your business.

However, Hoxhunt takes a unique approach by deviating from most of the traditional methods of security awareness training programs where all of your employees generally receive the same simulation.

Instead, Hoxhunt’s AI technology automatically gathers information about your employees and your company to provide individual and smart learning paths that let your staff go through training that they only need.

This can make for a more relevant and seamless learning experience for your employees.

Plus, with Hoxhunt’s gamified cybersecurity training, your employees can get rewarded with points every time they report threats — making the experience more engaging and fun.

#1. Phishing Education

In most cases, phishing attacks that manage to slip through your systems can happen due to human error, poor practices, and lack of security awareness.

For example, if your employees lack the proper training when handling suspicious emails, they can unknowingly click links and attachments that could infect your network with malware.

A security incident like this can also pose a threat to your email security and lead to data breaches.

Hoxhunt helps you combat this by training your employees to spot even the most sophisticated attack through an automated phishing simulator that sends attacks resembling real-life threats.

The security solution uses AI to assess the skill level of each of your employees and only advances the training if your staff passed previous difficulty levels.

Hoxhunt’s system will then determine the appropriate frequency of the phishing attack simulations based on the responses of your employees.

Because the training provides personalized learning for your employees, Hoxhunt helps them learn at their own pace and follow a learning path that is tailored to their level of awareness and skills in handling phishing attacks correctly.

Customized learning experiences like this will also help avoid overwhelming your employees and let take the appropriate training based on their knowledge level — allowing for more in-depth learning.

#2. Gamified Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program

It’s not enough for your employees to learn to detect potential phishing attacks, but they also need to report any threat that they can recognize.

However, properly documenting and reporting every potential phishing email can be a tedious task.

Your employees might not be too keen on spotting and reporting threats because the entire process can eat up their work hours and take away their focus from their core functions.

Plus, learning about phishing attacks and the best ways to protect against them can be monotonous — which can hinder effective knowledge transfer for your employees.

You’re going to need to offer some incentive to help motivate your employees to take phishing training and email scam detection and reporting seriously.

Hoxhunt can help you achieve this by making cybersecurity training engaging and fun for your employees through its gamified phishing training platform.

When your employees report threats that they detect from Hoxhunt’s personalized phishing simulations, they can earn Experience Points (XP).

For every successful reporting, your employees will receive two stars and can collect an additional star, plus full points, if they review the training markers.

Your employees can also track the points they earned and check their progress on the Hoxhunt Leaderboard.

Plus, when your employees report Hoxhunt emails, they can get micro training sessions about detecting malicious emails that help them avoid phishing threats during work or in their personal emails.

Gamifying your cybersecurity training and threat reporting through Hoxhunt is a great way to motivate your employees into putting what they are learning into practice.

It’s also a great strategy to increase the security awareness of your employees in a fun way and prepare them to report real threats they will encounter — while increasing the protection of your business from phishing attacks at the same time.

#3. Real-time Incident Response

Spotting threats is crucial to keeping your business secure from potential phishing attacks, but how do you assess and prioritize the ones that need urgent actions?

With Hoxhunt’s incident response module, your reported threats are categorized and grouped according to priority.

When your employees report suspicious emails using the Hoxhunt plugin and clicking on the “Report this email” button, it will then automatically read the email information and check if it’s from Hoxhunt (as part of the phishing simulation training) or if it’s a real threat.

The Hoxhunt platform will automatically detect and escalate attacks that need urgent attention — allowing your security team to see the priority threats.

This process allows you to see the real attacks that your business is facing and equip you and your employees to respond and react quickly to actual phishing scam threats.

Hoxhunt’s global network that covers thousands of users all over the world also recognize and report threats quickly — which can help increase the protection of your business from phishing attacks.

Final Thoughts
By providing personalized cybersecurity learning experiences and motivating your employees to report threats, Hoxhunt can offer a unique but highly effective solution of training your employees to respond to phishing attacks correctly and quickly.

With Hoxhunt, you can train your employees to make safer decisions, improve their cybersecurity knowledge, and transform them into some of your biggest assets in protecting your business.

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