Security is used to rank the least significant concerns among internet users. But through time, this has changed. Nowadays, nobody would reject taking precautions against online spammers and fraudsters. It is also necessary to not count out the risk of falling victim to a data theft or breach which has become commonplace these days even if comes to using large platforms. The most straightforward solution to this issue is providing fictitious personal information while creating a profile on any online service. This is pretty simple to do using first and last names, home country, and other information. But how can you prevent disclosing your real mobile phone number? Well, there is an effective feature for such and similar cases called a temporary phone number for registration on websites and apps.

Determinants of privacy

A temporary number is one of the most effective tools for ensuring privacy on the internet. This is due to the name of the thing. Such a number can only be used once. No one, not even the original owner, can use it to access the registered data again after deletion since it is permanently deleted from the database of the platform provided it.

Thereby, temporary phone numbers are a fantastic solution for everyone who wants to stay private online for one or another reason. But this is so not just because they are designed for one-time use only. There are also some other reasons:

  • Unable to be utilized to identify the user. So even if they end up in the hands of fraudsters, there is no way for them to do anything harmful to their users.
  • Lack of phishing emails or phone calls. Such phone numbers are designed to get only authentication credentials from online services.
  • Search engines have no information on them. It applies to both basic and hidden search engines.

This is not all though. There are even more benefits to using temporary numbers in terms of maintaining online privacy. You can find out about it in the details below.

No possibility of spying

It is difficult to locate internet users based just on their mobile phone numbers. It needs the usage of specialized software that the general public cannot access. When it comes to temporary phone numbers, this is not feasible even with those technologies. Instead of the mobile phone of users, these numbers are linked to certain web servers. This makes sure that they keep the same location regardless of the relocation of users even from one country to another.

In the light of above, there is nothing wrong with activating temporary numbers issued in other countries. For example, citizens of the US are able to use a temporary phone number from Chile, Germany, and even New Zealand as well as any other country in the globe in order to sign up for the proper website or app. Even though it is not strictly necessary for the aforementioned reasons, this approach aids in maintaining privacy as much as feasible.

Service for getting temporary numbers

It is a lot simpler than it appears to get hold of such a phone number. SMS-Man allows doing this within minutes. You might use this platform for receiving verification codes to obtain unique temporary phone numbers in more than a hundred different countries and then sign up for all well-known online services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Here is how:

  1. Complete the registration process at
  2. Use a convenient payment method from those that are supported to replenish the balance.
  3. Choose the country of issue for the temporary number on the main page of the platform.
  4. On the same page select the online service for which you are going to sign up.
  5. Press the buy button to obtain a temporary phone number.

Because a temporary number functions the same as a regular phone number, utilizing one is just as simple. Simply put it into the registration form of the website or application of your choice, request the verification code, and enter the code you get to finish registration.