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How to Save On Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a great symbol of love and commitment to your special person. Therefore, it is important to make it the best that your partner will like. However, it can be an expensive investment if you do not do your homework. If you want elegant and valuable engagement rings, consider getting moissanite options. This great diamond alternative will give you the experience you are looking for in your relationship.

Every ring comes with a price. Therefore, you should be ready to part with a good amount of money. The good thing is that there are engagement ring options that you will find in the market. In that case, you should know why you are making a certain choice over another. So, how do you save on your engagement ring? What is the most cost-effective valuable ring to buy for your engagement? Read on to find out…

Affordable Rings for your Engagement

In your search for quality engagement rings, you will find all kinds of rings. These include solitaire types and those with halo settings among others leaving you with many choices to pick from them. Therefore, how can you proceed to come up with the right choice? Here is what to do:

  • Read Widely

Get to know about the options you got in the market. The more you know about the jewelry industry, the better the chances of buying affordable quality engagement rings. Understand the basics and the trends. Know what brings about the price differences and use that information to pick a ring that fits your budget.

  • Get a compromise on the 4Cs

There are 4Cs to look for when purchasing gemstones. These include color, carat, clarity and cut. They are vital characteristics that affect a stone’s appearance and its price as well. Therefore, you can compromise on one or some of the 4Cs of the gem to lower the cost of your engagement ring. For instance, you can forgo carat, color and clarity but a perfect cut.

  • Choose diamond alternatives

Diamond is still the rarest and most expensive ever known to man. However, you do not have to pick diamonds for your engagement ring. Moissanite is a great diamond alternative that will give you good-quality engagement rings at an affordable cost. Not many people can differentiate between diamond and moissanite. Therefore, you will still get a good experience in your engagement.

  • Consider the Ring Setting

More ring settings are better than most classic ring designs with a precious stone in the middle. This is so because a large stone will often attract hefty prices. Instead of having a single stone, cluster settings or halo settings will shine as desired and save you some good money.

  • It can be any Size

Many people think of getting a round number when buying items. However, that should not be the case, especially when buying jewelry. For instance, you can buy a fraction of a carat size instead of buying a 1-carat gemstone. Buying 0.85 carats instead of 1 carat will save you a significant amount of money.

  • Leverage on the Metal Requirements

Even though you can save good money through the 4Cs, there is still another way to cut down on your engagement ring cost. Cut back on the amount of metal needed for your ring. What matters is the gemstone. Therefore, you can pick a ring with minimal metal to cut down on the overall cost.

  • Buy a Complete Set

Buying an engagement ring is only the beginning of the purchase of many other jewelry items. Soon, you will be buying a wedding band to match your ring. For that reason, it is a lot helpful to buy a set. That way, you can get discounted prices for each of the jewelry items you will need for your engagement and wedding.

  • Look for Deals

Instead of buying your engagement ring from wherever and at any time of the year, do your research to identify stores offering deals. This usually happens on special days like Valentine’s Day, Christmas and so on. That way, you will stand a chance of saving a coin here and there.

Every simple decision and effort towards money saving counts during jewelry purchase. Use these tips to save money on your engagement ring purchase.

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