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How to Protect Your Social Media Feed from Unnecessary Information
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How to Protect Your Social Media Feed from Unnecessary Information

How to Protect Your Social Media Feed from Unnecessary Information

Social media is an exceptional instrument. You can do millions of things with your social profile, but we can bet that it only keeps you distracted.

Even if you have an ads blocker or a timer for using different apps, it may not help you from wasting your time on data that can’t be properly processed. Social media is meant to distract you so you spend more and more time there.

Luckily, even when the smartest technology comes, there are many ways to bit it.

In this article, we are going to discuss three unpredictable ways to oversmart social media algorithms with a little help from tech.

Know Your Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is a superior monster of each algorithm online platforms are dependent on. Without AI, we would never watch Instagram overcoming Facebook or TikTok becoming a thing.

You need to understand how the algorithms of the social media you use work. Let’s come back to TikTok!

This extremely popular app is not necessarily so successful because of funny dances, superficial memes, or crazy challenges. AI is what takes TikTok to the top.

For example, did you know that active creators on the app are actually getting less spam in their feeds? Their informational junk is almost empty; those people have less irrelevant content than other users.

Not-that-active influencers even decided to buy TikTok likes to avoid unnecessary data in their feeds, and it worked!

Should You Comment Under Content You Hate, Or?…

Sometimes, we all see posts that drive us nuts. It is totally okay since most pieces produced are garbage of bad quality!

Some years ago, YouTube has been surrounded by videos in which creators have been asking to dislike their content. A dislike button has become a massive meme that actually worked!

After getting millions of dislikes, not a single video was removed. Saying more, the hype around those provocations was so high that influencers got an unbelievable amount of new followers, not even mentioning views.

Every time you want to hate something online, remember that social platforms adore it. If you have the time and courage to comment, it means that this content engages you.

Nonetheless, we don’t comment on anything at all!

They Are Listening to You 24/7

The idea of FBI agents listening to us is still just a theory but social media are listening for real.

It’s not like Instagram has the Spying Department that listens to each of millions of users (we hope). No business could make a profit from it. But technology can analyze the noises and words around you.

The second you give any app access to the microphone, you are automatically being listened to for commercial purposes. No wonder child books are being recommended to you after you spent a week on a family vacation talking to your married sister!

For most people, unnecessary information is absolutely necessary for their feeds. But for what? We can simply be more cautious to help ourselves from spending our screen time on things that do not matter!

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