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How to Promote Your Business Using Instagram

How to Promote Your Business Using Instagram

How to Promote Your Business Using Instagram

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms and is growing daily. With billions of users worldwide, it’s no longer used just for social purposes, to connect with friends and family. It’s a very effective marketing tool for businesses and people to promote their products and services, but how do you use it to boost your business?  Let 1394TA talk you through the best way to grow your Instagram followers, get more likes and more Instagram views so you become an instantly recognized, worthy brand.

Are You Verified?

Before we move on – you do need a verified business account to get the best out of Instagram for business purposes.  Here’s a link to how you can do that: Creator Studio will also help you with growing your Instagram business account, more on that in this link:

Buy Instagram Likes

Of course, if you want your account to gain traction in the business world fast, the only way to guarantee plenty of Instagram followers, Instagram likes, and Instagram views is to buy Instagram followers from 1394TA.  Our service is a genuine, authentic Instagram marketing service that provides big (and small) businesses with immediate access to real accounts.  It’s affordable too and you’ll notice your account ramp up over 24 to 48 hours.  Do be wary of other buy Instagram views’ services, as not all of them use genuine accounts.  1394TA always provides quality Instagram followers, likes, and views.

Keep your Instagram Account Visible by Sharing Plenty of GOOD Content

An idle Instagram account won’t generate Instagram followers, likes or views. You have to be active, but you should also strike a balance between posting too little and too often.  So, you’ll need to experiment and start by posting at least once a day.  Look at other accounts to see how often they post, from the small businesses similar to yours to the large, multi-national names.  The platform recommends at least once a day to post something interesting – and that’s the key really, don’t be bland, don’t post for the sake of posting. You need to think about the type of content that your audience will enjoy reading and the type of posts that will attract more followers.  Remember to mix up your Instagram posting with videos, images, and stories, don’t just stick with one method.

Cross Promote Your Posts to Other Social Media Platforms

Businesses need to be consistent so you should also post similar content on other platforms that your business uses for synergy.  For example, promote your Instagram content across other platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook.  Use a clever strapline that instantly makes your audience sit up and take notice – do make an effort, think before you post and play around with your post until you create something that you feel is definitely going to resonate with people, so they follow your Instagram account. Never post for the sake of posting!

Use People-Centric Posts

Instagram is very much about experiences.  People like to see how others live, how they use products, how they wear clothes, enjoy interesting places, party etc so be human and don’t be shy to post your everyday experiences.  Even those mundane tasks can become fun if you make them enjoyable! As much as there are plenty of glossy videos and images on Instagram, reality sells, so be real and approachable. Encourage your audience to post images of them using your product and service, and share their content too, this can help you promote your Instagram business account.

Try Hashtags Appropriate To Your Industry

No matter what size your business, big or small, you need to use hashtags to encourage others to share your content.  This is an easy way to promote your brand and it’s simple to do as well.  Find one hashtag that encapsulates your brand and use it in your bio and all your Instagram posts.  Of course, use other hashtags as well – but that one hashtag should be what your followers recognize as yours.  Followers that appreciate your content will share it and that hashtag will become recognized by others as well.

Tag Other Brands and Followers To

Tagging on Instagram to boost your presence is really important and very effective.  Tagging other brands and accounts could get you that shout out you want!  As soon as you tag someone else, they get a notification to say that they’ve been tagged.  It’s exciting for others to appear in your feed and it is likely that they will share it with their followers – so you gain more Instagram followers too.  You should also tag locations as well because this gets your business in front of people in those areas – therefore encouraging you to get more Instagram followers.

Post Content Showing Your Business Service or Product in Use

It’s great to have a fantastic product or service, but to really gain engagement, show people how to use it or how you do something.  So, if you’re a chef and have a recipe, video how to prepare it along with images of the recipe before and after.  Or, if you sell sportswear, show it off while you workout etc.  It’s about really exciting your potential customer with what you’ve got.  Don’t just post images of a product, show it off in its full glory!

Work with Instagram Influencers

For really good engagement and the opportunity to grow your Instagram account, take advantage of Instagram Influencers.  It’s a paid relationship that guarantees they will post your products or services on their feed and tag you – so their followers see what you’ve got to offer. Influencers have exactly that – influence.  Their followers often emulate what they’re doing, so if they see that their favorite influencer is wearing a pair of jeans that you’re selling, there’s a big chance they’ll follow you – they might even buy a pair or two for themselves!  This is a great way of advertising your brand without being too pushy.  Choose an influencer (or more than one) that resonates with your brand, do your research, look at similar brands to yours and see the influencers they use.  Then, just reach out with an email or instant message.

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