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The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Twitch Followers

The Ultimate Guide on How to Get Twitch Followers

How to get Twitch followers

If you are a passionate gaming addict, there are two ways that you can live your dream of excelling in games. One is to be at the console for long hours at a stretch and the other is to monetize your love for gaming. There is no doubt that most would go for the second option and the best way to earn substantially while you are doing something you love is to be on the Twitch platform. Stream the games you are playing, know how to get Twitch followers , show your expertise to them – AND get paid for it.

What is Twitch

Before getting to the nitty-gritty of how to get Twitch followers, it is necessary to understand what is Twitch. It is a medium where gamers stream live videos when they are playing and visitors to the site watch the videos. Twitch is the largest online video streaming platform in the world. When it was launched, the number of unique visitors in the first month itself was a staggering 8 million. There has been no looking back since then and today Twitch accounts for 43% of all traffic from video gaming content.

Why should you get more followers on Twitch?

When you are on Twitch, the number of viewers and followers on your channel is an indication of its popularity. The more followers, the more will other viewers consider your channel to be a leading one providing value to the followers. It is very difficult to climb the ladder of popularity on Twitch, but once you do, there is no looking back in earnings.

However, it is not necessary that streaming high-quality content will only get you a lot of followers. There are millions of streamers on Twitch and users cannot be aware of all broadcasters or channel partners. Users get an idea of the value of a channel only when it is featured and ranked well, not only through the quality of content but also through massive viewership made possible by followers. Hence, it is necessary to know how to get Twitch followers.

Strategies for getting Twitch followers

Here are some tips and strategies to grow your footprint on the platform and planning how to get Twitch followers.

# Set Targets

When you are starting out on Twitch, it might be to simply show off your gaming skills. But if you have to monetize it, treat the streaming as a business and set definite goals and targets for growth. These should be focused heavily on gaining more viewers and subscribers. However, to succeed, there should be a specific approach to your goal-setting strategy.

  • Be specific and clear about the goals without any ambiguity like “X number of followers by X date”.
  • Set measurable goals to evaluate the progress made. It will also help you understand whether your strategies are effective and you are making any progress towards how to get Twitch followers. Use metrics such as the number of followers garnered to define your Twitch growth goals.
  • Define goals that are attainable and ones that can be realistically achieved. For example, if you are just starting your journey as a streamer, do not set a target of 1000 followers in the first month.
  • Your target must have a precise timelimit. This is to avoid slacking off and to ensure that you are actively working towards achieving your goals.

Once you have set goals on how to get Twitch followers, you will have to start developing strategies so that with the backing of many followers, you can establish a major presence on Twitch.

# Maintain consistent and frequent streaming

To gain followers, you will have to chalk out a frequent and consistent gaming schedule. Create a schedule and share it with your viewers so that they will know when to tune in to watch you play. It promotes trust and motivates viewers to watch your channel regularly as well as marking you as a professional who takes streaming very seriously. Without a schedule, viewers who find you once will not know when to come back and will probably move on to a new channel. You will miss the bus of how to get Twitch followers.

# Provide value to your audience

To make it as a streamer on Twitch, think of the streams as your products and your followers as your customers. You have to give your followers a reason to watch your channel instead of the other 2 million out there. Hence, develop a niche and make it special. It might be anything from being an expert streaming practice games to carving out a unique persona – from the serious to the flippant and light-hearted gamer who can make the followers laugh. Every segment is important on Twitch.

# Audience interaction

Hundreds of streamers might be as good as you are in gaming but where you can stand out from the others is through your style of playing and how you interact with your audience. If viewers find you interesting, they will be coming back to your stream for more. Keep talking on your stream to keep the audience engaged and entertained. It is a sure way to addviewers and an answer to how to get Twitch followers.

Follow these strategies and you will never be short of followers on Twitch.

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