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How To Convert YouTube Videos To MP3
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How To Convert YouTube Videos To MP3


There must have been times when you found a song on youtube that you want to use it as a ringtone. But you were not been able to find that in the form of mp3. It is a common problem that many of us faced to date. Some of you out there must have also tried to find the best software to do so.

Well, here is the solution for you. YouTube to MP3 converter supported by oDownloader.

YouTube to MP3 Converter

We all know that YouTube is the second largest site on the internet that comes second only to Google. With more than 1.8 billion active users monthly, YouTube is a community whose sole purpose is to share video content. All the content on YouTube is in the MP4 format. But what happens if somebody wants that same content in MP3 format. Well, this the tricky part of YouTube. YouTube does not provide any official features to convert the MP4 format or the YouTube video format into the MP3 format.

This is when you will think of having software that can convert YouTube to mp3 online. If you can search on the internet you will get tons of video to mp3 software or YouTube to MP3 software. But most of them are paid or fraudulent software. You will even find software that will consume high CPU usage or will keep you nagging with the unnecessary advertisement.

So, it becomes very hard to find software which both free and does the work without any issue. One of such YouTube MP3 converter is oDownloader. It is one of the best tools that you can hope for.

How Does It Work?

You all must be thinking that how does this oDownloader YouTube to MP3 work? Then let me tell you that this software is one of its kind and its processing is second to none. It is even faster than the offline converter.

With the offline MP3 converter, you have to first download the video and then pass that video through the software. But that is not the case in the oDownloader YouTube to MP3 converter. This software is built upon a highly professionally built algorithm, so it converts YouTube directly from YouTube. You just have to paste the video URL in the converter and the software will do the rest of the job. As simple as that.

How To Convert The YouTube Video To MP3

It is quite easy to use oDownloader. The steps are very simple to follow through. Even a novice can use this software without any worry.

Here are the enumerations the steps that you need to follow:

Step1: The very first step will be to find the video that you want to convert it into the MP3.

Step2: Copy the URL of the video that you want to be converted. (try to copy the full URL, otherwise, the conversion will be incomplete)

Step3: come back to the oDownloader youtube to MP3 converter. Paste the copied URL in the conversion bar. And click the convert button.

Step4: The extraction process will start giving you the final result as the converted MP3. (The process may take a few minutes, so you just have to wait patiently for the end result.)


Whenever we talk about YouTube to MP3 converter, the first name that comes in the mind is the oDownloader. It is the most complete tool you can ever hope for. Not only it is good with the conversion, but it can also help you with the video downloads. oDownloader is not restricted to only one platform, instead, you can download any kind of video from any social media platform.

The best part of this software is that it comes in all forms. No matter what you are using you will get a version for that. Whether it is PC, android or iPhones. There is a version for each platform. It is currently at the pinnacle of being the best supportive software in the audiovisual industries.

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