How To Carry Two Laptops?

So, you own two laptops, huh! That’s good because you have two machines in hand, which can comfortably handle your needs accordingly. Maybe you have one for personal use and another one for work purposes. Better yet, maybe you just want to beast machines that can handle your work projects accordingly.

At Computer Tech Reviews, we understand the importance of choosing the right laptop for your needs. So, whether you have a laptop for personal use or work, it is important to find a good way to carry them along with you.

So, How Do You Carry Two Laptops?

That depends on how you wish to carry them. All in all, here are some of the ways to carry your laptops with you;

  1. In the car with you

If you live alone and you always have the car to yourself, you can carry your laptops in there. Maybe place them behind the seat with some straps to hold them in place. This way, you can access them wherever you need them. But, this will only be useful if you tend to do a lot of fieldwork. Here, all you have to do is go in the car and get the laptop you want to use whenever you need it.

But if you work in the office and in the house too often, this might not be the best choice for you.

  1. Carry a Dual Laptop Bag

There are dual laptop backpacks out there that you can use to carry around your laptops. Here, we prefer backpacks since they are easy to carry and can easily handle the weight of two machines on your back. It is better to go for a backpack instead of the regular messenger or shoulder bags. The shoulder or messenger bags tend to be tedious to carry around. But backpacks are comfortable to carry too.

When buying a dual laptop bag, ensure that you find the one that suits you accordingly. It is all about finding a laptop back that will perfectly handle your laptop as needed.

How To Choose The Right Dual Laptop Bag

As you sort out the laptop bags out there, you always consider going for one that will suit you. Here are some things you need to consider.

The size of the laptops

How big are the laptops? Do they come in one size, or one is bigger than the other? These are some of the things you need to think about. The size of the laptop will determine the size of the bag you will be going for. You have to consider if the available pockets are big enough to keep your laptop safely enclosed. Will they fit comfortably even after you zip up the bag or it will be too small for the laptops?

You have to know about the size and know what size of laptop would fit in there. If one laptop is bigger than the other, then you should choose a bag that can accommodate the large laptop first.

The Weight of the Laptop

Okay, generally, laptop bags are designed to carry any laptop with ease. However, you should remember that there are some laptops that come with some weight. Take, for example, gaming laptops or those rugged business laptops. These laptops can be heavy, and fitting two of them in the bag will need a lot of consideration.

If you have heavy laptops with you, you should opt for one that can easily handle the heavy laptops with ease. Check the stitching both inside and outside. You don’t want a bag that will easily tear out or start becoming loose after a while when you carry the two laptops inside.

Regardless of the material used to make the bag, make sure that it can comfortably carry two laptops at one without a problem.

Other Pockets

Of course, you will not be carrying the two laptops alone. You have other laptop accessories that you would want to carry with you. This includes the chargers for the two laptops, along with other devices and accessories to use with the laptop.

In this case, you must ensure that you pick a good bag that can comfortably handle your two laptops, along with the accessories comfortably. That is why it is important to check other pockets that come with the bag.

It would be better if there is a compartment in the bag to hold your keys, flash drives, pens, wallet, or other small items. A bag that has multiple pockets and compartments is good enough to serve you when working with your laptops.

The Look/Design

So, this might not be such a major factor to consider, but we still recommend that you put it into consideration. The look of the bag is always a factor to consider. Do you prefer a colorful bag or you want to go with the cool type? Mostly, laptop bags will come in dull colors, but there are always exceptions.

Keep in mind that colorful or bright bags are usually susceptible to dirt and dust. You will need to wash them more often compared to a black or dull-color bag.

Also concerning the design, you want a bag that doesn’t clearly tell that you are carrying laptops in there. The designs should be basic enough to ensure that your laptops are stored in there discreetly. It is not always safe to carry the laptops out there, especially if they are worth over $1,000 each. Ideally, choose a bag that will not tell everyone that you are carrying laptops in there.

Padding and Straps Inside

For the sake of your laptop’s safety, you will need to choose a bag that has straps and padding inside to keep it secure enough without moving or shaking when you carry them outside. Plus, the padding will protect them against shocks from bumping into people or stuff as you walk. Always mind your laptops’ security and safety as you carry them in the bag.

You can always follow the proper tips to help you carry your laptops safely in the backpack. Just remember to be careful with them, even if they feel safe and secure in the bag.

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