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Technology and Society: How Technology Changed Our Lives

Technology and Society: How Technology Changed Our Lives

The newest generation of devices, especially the smartphone, has changed virtually every aspect of our existence with its ability to connect us in ways never before possible. It can be argued that this device has had an even greater impact on society than any other form of technology before it.

The invention of the internet created a new age where information is an endless resource and has the power to help people. But it also allowed people to hide their true identities behind aliases, or at times completely fabricated accounts, making it equally as easy for people to deceive others and commit crimes. Through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, people can connect with others in ways that would never have been possible before because of social stigma based on race, socioeconomic status, religion or even physical appearance. The growth of smartphone technology allowed people to more easily connect with contacts, including their doctors, with the touch of a button. Smartphones have also served as a means to keep track of contacts and keep them up-to-date on appointments and other important information. This has made it easier for people to maintain relationships that would otherwise be difficult without the help of technology.

What is Technology?

Technology like Yamaha surround receiver can be defined as the application of knowledge, skills, and tools for solving problems. It comes in different forms: electronic devices, machines, software programs, and more. The Cold War was a time where technological innovation went rampant. Governments spent millions of dollars to develop weapons such as the Atomic Bomb and television factories to mass produce items like margarine and car parts. Technology is constantly evolving to make our life easier and more convenient without the need for us to use physical tools or machines.

What is Society?

The most common definition of society is a group of interacting people. It can be present in any organized form families to small villages, and even to large cities. It is a concept that has been around since primitive man roamed the Earth. With the advancement of technology, society unites more easily than ever before. Cities are more populated than ever and are making it more difficult for people to find jobs and make friends.

The History of  Technology and Society in Changing Our lives

The term technology is often used in both a positive and negative way. Technology has also been used in a very broad sense. A study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that people use technology in both positive and negative ways. For example, people use social networking sites to meet others, but more often than not, they use them simply to get information about others rather than to meet friends or even develop better relationships with them. Throughout the years, technology has continued to change society and how people interact with one another. The cell phone has allowed people to take pictures, text friends and family, and even place calls from anywhere in the world. The internet was able to connect us in ways that would have been impossible prior to its creation; it also allowed for a way for people to conduct research on topics around the globe.

How has Technology Affected Human Life?

With the development of technology and its continued advancement, humans have been able to create for themselves a better existence than ever before with advancements such as cars, planes, and computers. However, with all these technological advancements comes a dark side. Weapons of mass destruction have been created that threaten the existence of human life. With cars and planes being invented, air pollution has risen due to the burning of fossil fuels in order to power them. Air pollution is a direct threat to human health and can lead to diseases such as cancer.

Positive Impact of technology on Society

Many aspects of human life that were previously unavailable to us have become possible due to the advances of technology. For example, once upon a time people didn’t have access to things such as the internet and smartphones. In addition, advancements in medicine has helped many people to live longer lives, leading up to a society with many older residents. These elderly people without jobs or spouses can have a difficult time making ends meet financially and often are forced into poverty when they become unable to work. Poverty is depressingly common in modern society.


Data is shared more readily than ever before, with the creation of services like Google and Twitter. These platforms allow users to share their experiences with others around the globe in real time. These sites often have a lot of information about a person in an easy-to-access location for public consumption, for better or worse. Through these sites and other tools, a person can control information about themselves that was once less readily available. However there is a dark side to technology as well.

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