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How much you can win in the slot Book of Ra

How much you can win in the slot Book of Ra

The Book of Ra slot machine has become a true legend. Ismail Nugroho offers to remember the winning strategies for this slot.

How much you can win in the slot Book of Ra

Slot Book of Ra is very popular, especially with beginners. The demand for the machine is due to the simple rules and a good probability of winning. Even inexperienced players can regularly win small amounts.Also, the slot is popular among fans of the classics, because the “Book of Ra” actually stood at the origins of the development of online casinos.

The slot is great for those who like to play calm and relaxed. The mechanics of the game allows you to apply certain strategies and tactics, which increases the possibility of winning. Online casino india regularly pays out large winnings from this slot.

What are the strategies

To win regularly it is not enough to rely on luck. You need to know roughly at what time the slot is most likely to “give” the player a win. The game is based on a random number, depending on what number falls out is determined by the winning or losing round. The player in front of him sees only the reels and lines with game icons.

Use of the bonus round

Bonus games in all slots involve good bonuses and bet multipliers, and “Book of Ra” is no exception. To go to the bonus game you need to collect three special symbols in the form of the Book of Ra on any of the lines.

When the bonus round starts, you need to bet on each line for 5 cents. Many players note that the use of this tactic in many cases leads to a win. In the case of the first win, you need to put 10 cents on each line and spin the reels again. It is worth noting that the slot responds favorably only to small bets on all lines. In this simple way, you can regularly win small amounts without much effort.


In the beginning, you can place small and medium sized bets on all lines. Some bets will play, some will not. After 3-4 spins you need to change tactics and start betting only on one selected line, the bet should be minimal. Putting the minimum bet on the same line should keep a count of losing rounds and note what the account will be winning.

Thus the statistics are obtained, now you can again bet the minimum amount of a certain number of times, and when it comes to the turn of the winning round – to put a medium or large bet. Several such rounds will allow not only to win back the bet, but also to earn. Thus the probability of winning is quite high, but it is not a 100% chance, you need to take this into account. The described tactics use a simple mathematical pattern. Statistically, about 7 out of 10 cases using these tactics are winning.

How to win with a small bank

It should be realized that the smaller the bet? The smaller the size of the potential winnings. However, in the slot “Book of Ra” traces an interesting pattern the machine more often allows you to win just small bets. This opens the possibility of winning small amounts regularly, gradually increasing the bank.

Let’s consider a few recommendations that will help in the game with small bets:

  • There is no need to emphasize the special symbols. Books fall out quite rarely, so there is no point in emphasizing them in a game with small stakes. It is better to focus on the symbols that give bonuses: deposit increase, free spins, bet multiplier.
  • You need to use many lines at the same time. Playing on several lines at once increases the probability of potential winnings, which is good. In addition, if one of the lines loses, the winnings on the other line will cover the lost rounds.
  • You should use the lowest possible bets. With a small bankroll, you should stretch your funds over the entire game, so you have a much better chance of getting a bonus round or other rewards in the form of free spins.

The size of the potential winnings directly depends on the initial bet size and the multiplier that fell out during the game. Experienced players with well-honed tactics can win several thousand roubles in one session by winning back the bet and coming out “in the plus”.

In the long term, this allows you to form a large enough bank and make larger bets, significantly increasing the size of the potential jackpot.

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