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A Comprehensive Guide to Boost Your Business’ Online Presence Using Digital Ads

A Comprehensive Guide to Boost Your Business’ Online Presence Using Digital Ads

Guide to Boost Your Business’ Online Presence Using Digital Ads

With uncountable competitors coming up every single day, exposing your business to new customers while retaining the old ones is quite exhausting.

On top of that, consistent changes to the search results pages of Google, future obscure content organically, specifically when it comes to commercial searches. Meanwhile, paid searches  are soaring in established domains.

Talking about social media, less than 0.1% of the content is shared more than 1000 times. And, as per the announcement by Facebook, you are less likely to get the content in front of the audience in case they are not relevant to your product or service.

Adding more to it, the typical conversion rate of internet marketing is less than 1%. In such a scenario, digital ads turn out to be your saviour. However, even that works strategically.

In this post, let’s find out a comprehensive guide to boost your business’s online presence with the help of digital ads.

How is online presence defined?

How is online presence defined?

Online presence is not, and is, precisely what you might think. Your business can exist online, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it has a presence as well. The presence is a deeper layer that paints a complete picture of your business as per:

  • The actions that you are taking and the content you are creating
  • Where your company is standing in terms of social media and search engine algorithms
  • How people are taking your business online, how they are engaging, and what they are saying about it

While an online existence may put your business on the map, an online presence is going to bring reputation, credibility, and visibility.

Why is a strong online presence required?

Why is a strong online presence required?

The more ways you can find to put your business in front of the target audience, the better opportunities you can get to develop brand awareness and enhance the reputation.

However, not many people are aware of the ways an established online presence helps their business. So, here are a few benefits that you can get.

  • To get discovered: With a strong online presence, it becomes easier for new ideal customers to discover your business, become familiar with it, and get familiar with your offerings.
  • To perfect the buyer journey: Almost 63% of shopping journeys can begin online. With an established presence, you become available to consumers at varying points in their journey and that too, through multiple devices.
  • To appear as a legitimate business: Consumers generally depend upon multiple sources of information before they choose a specific business to shop from. If you fail to provide that information across different sources, your business might not be accepted by search engines and consumers alike.
  • To earn the trust of Google: Google, with all the strict rules and algorithms, takes way more than just a mere website to rank your business. It considers all of your assets available across the internet and regards your consistency to give you a position.
  • To market the business 24/7: Having a strong online presence will help people discover your business, learn about it, engage with it and reach out throughout the day and night, regardless of the place they are sitting at.
  • To get more conversions: It takes around an average of 7 encounters with a business before a lead turns into a customer. In such a scenario, being prominently active on multiple channels can help create opportunities that would allow leads to engage more and better.
  • To save money: Digital marketing platforms come with an abundance of data that will help you understand what is working and what is not; thus, you can allocate the budget accordingly.

Apart from all of these things, flock mentality is one of the benefits that you get to have. Each of your online identities and assets will give you power over each other. Every channel and platform will bring you more advantages and benefits.

The Most Common Mistake

One of the most common mistakes that a majority of new companies (sometimes established organizations, too) make is not understanding how digital ads works. Most people believe that it is a three-step procedure:

  • Targeting wrong audience
  • Bidding higher CPC
  • Getting irrelevant leads

This almost never turns out to be true. With this approach, the content goes nowhere. Thus, one essential thing to be kept in mind is that selling on the internet is not a straight line, and it takes a lot of time.

Getting Help from Digital Ads

Getting Help from Digital Ads

Digital ads offer the most scalable promotion method and are proven to turn your visitors into potential leads and buyers. You can hire a digital ads agency for online advertising like Google Ads and Social ads.

And one of the best things about them is that you don’t require a huge ad budget either. Therefore, a more realistic and better process to establish the online presence would be like the following:

  • Generating content and sharing the same on social media platforms
  • Selectively promoting the top content
  • Developing remarketing audience by tagging website visitors with a cookie
  • Applying demographic and behavioural filters on the audience
  • Remarketing to the audience with social ads, display ads, and Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) to promote deals and offers
  • Capturing qualified, potential leads
  • Converting them into customers
  • Repeating the same process

A Guide to Boosting Online Presence with Digital Ads

A Guide to Boosting Online Presence with Digital Ads

Jotted down below are some of the hacks and tips that you can use as a catalyst to attract more eyeballs to your business and content while accelerating the traffic.

1. Start with Creating User Persona

Before you think of establishing the business on the internet, you would have to comprehend how well you are familiar with your core customers? Do you know the types of audience you would like to reach? Customer personal research is one of the valuable things to do before beginning with digital ads.

Effective research can offer a better understanding of what your target audiences’ wants and needs are. Also, with a specified persona in hand, you can create content that is perfectly targeted toward their goals and interests.

Usability tests, surveys, questionnaires, and A/B testing can help you acquire insights into the target customers. Also, keep in mind that you should develop varying customer personas with the help of data that you have gathered to comprehend the best customers, how they are spending their time online, and the best way to reach them.

2. Improving Quality Score

Quality score is referred to as a metric that is used by Google to rate the relevance and quality of your PPC ads and keywords, which eventually impacts your cost-per-click. While Facebook calls it Relevancy Score, Twitter has it as Quality Adjusted Bid.

Irrespective of what it is called, quality score is an essential metric when it comes to social media ads. You can improve the quality score for Facebook and Twitter by increasing the engagement rates of your posts.

A qualitative score is needed as it helps you get a higher ad impression share for the set budget at a lower cost per engagement. On the other side, a bad score will lead to low ad impressions as well as a high cost per engagement.

So, how can it be improved? The best way is to promote the best content that performs better than the other content. To find out the best content, you can:

  • Post a lot of content organically on Twitter and use Twitter Analytics to see the content post that has the most engagement
  • Post the high engagement content from Twitter on Facebook and LinkedIn and track the traction
  • Then, pay to advertise the most engagement-worthy content on Twitter and Facebook

To maximize the engagement rates, keep in mind that you will have to be extremely creative and stand out from the competition.

3. Invest in Different Types of Ads

It is worth investing in different types of ads to experiment with the audience and results. One of them is search ads. These not just help you get to the top of the SERP but also reach the target customers whenever they have the highest intent. And, with search ads, you can rank in both paid and organic results for a keyword; thereby, increasing the chances of getting higher clicks.

The next one to try is social media advertising. They can enhance your online presence with higher engagement and reach rates. Furthermore, these ads also have significant targeting capabilities and allow you to be more creative.

Another one to try is display advertising. They put your business in front of custom audiences on the basis of their interests, places they visit, their behaviours, websites, and apps they land upon, and more.

4. Establishing a Budget

When it comes to improving the online presence with digital ads, you have a lot of options. However, in most cases, your business may not have the resources or time to invest in every option coming your way. That is why setting a budget can help you concentrate on essential areas.

You can begin with establishing a budget by learning and understanding the investment required for varying tactics along with the average prices needed. Once you have got the idea of how much you will have to put in, you can begin strategizing. This way, avoiding unnecessary spending will become much easier.

Wrapping Up

Having an online presence makes a huge difference to how your business is running. Whether you have just started or are in the business for years altogether, maintaining consistency is of utmost importance. So, follow the tips mentioned above and convert more with ease.

Author Name – Samiksha Jain

Samiksha Jain is an innovative and enthusiastic content specialist at Intent Farm. She is a poet, storyteller and a great script writer. She loves writing stories and creating something that allows people to go on a journey of the mind.

Along with this, she is Digital marketing savvy and works with her clients to create strategies. You will always find her doing multitasking on her desk.

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