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Gearing up for the Hybrid Model- Success Tips for Teachers

Gearing up for the Hybrid Model- Success Tips for Teachers

Gearing Up For The Hybrid Model- Success Tips For Teachers

As the world battles with the pandemic, things seem to be looking up. But you cannot expect life to get back to usual in the foreseeable future. Businesses have decided to stick to the WFH arrangements for the long haul, while travel restrictions and social distancing norms are still in force. The education sector has also picked the blended approach. It is a mix of online and offline learning, depending on the situation.

For a teacher who’s been on the remote mode for a year, the challenge continues. You may expect things to get harder as you switch between in-school and remote teaching. But there’s no other way, so you need to focus on gearing up for the new normal. Here are some success tips that can help.

Good communication wins the hybrid game

Good communication fosters effective teaching and learning, whether you do it in person or online. It can get a tad tougher in pandemic times when the face-covering rule keeps you from showing and seeing non-verbal expressions. Here, remote technologies can help, as you get the missed cues when you see the students on the screen. Ensure that you share a rapport with each child so that they are comfortable asking questions and clearing doubts, both in the school and from home. Although it may be a difficult feat when you handle a class of a dozen students, personal interactions can do the trick.

Get smart with tech

Technology has been the savior in the crisis, and it continues to be the cornerstone of the success of the hybrid teaching model.

As a teacher, you need to be smart with your tech because students depend on you. Know the apps well and make sure that your device runs seamlessly at all times.

Consider investing in a Mac because it gives you an edge with tools and features. As long as you clean up your imac regularly, you never have to worry about speed and performance.

While you keep tech strong at your end, ensure that the kids have all the tools they need. Ask the school to do the needful if there are gaps anywhere.

Have different strategies for different modes

Hybrid is completely different from anything you may have done before. It can be even more daunting than the sudden transition to online teaching that happened a year ago when the virus first hit the world. Right now, you need a strategic approach to teaching as different tactics will work for both modes.

For example, you can reserve content delivery for online classes and focus on skills in the physical class. The ultimate aim is to offer a complete learning solution regardless of the model. When you strategize, you also need to ensure adaptability because the situation is still uncertain.

Hybrid teaching is as big a challenge for teachers as learning is for students. Your responsibilities only get bigger because you have to ensure seamless connectivity between both models so that students are happy and comfortable.

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