Look for gaming laptops and desktop and you’ll notice some differences (aside from the size). The one that you will notice the most is the pricing. Usually, desktops tend to be a lot cheaper as they are not portable and do not need to be compact.

However, the truth is that there is more than just one answer to this question. Gaming manufacturers try to give the best possible price to compete, but often it remains a little too high. So, let’s deepen a little bit into each one of them.

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Standardized parts

Think about desktops and the way they are used. When you buy desktop parts, they are usually quite standard. You can take a motherboard or graphics card and use it in basically any other desktop -as long as it is compatible.

What happens with laptops, however, is that they do not have standard parts. Almost everything within laptops is custom-made because they must fit in 17 inches, 15 inches and sometimes even 12 or 10 inches. So, when manufacturers make laptops, it’s difficult for them to use those parts in other laptops – and don’t even think about desktops.

As a result, the price of every single part that comprises a laptop has a higher cost and the consumer has to pay more in the laptop price. As massive production is such an important aspect in the hardware industry, this is probably the most important aspect of gaming laptop pricing.

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Controlling heat

Believe it or not, heat management is actually one of the costliest factors in the industry. When it comes to desktops, there’s no such problem. But when we are talking laptops -especially those with custom made parts- this is quite expensive.

In laptops, there are no wasted spaces and every single part issues heat. If you don’t manage it correctly, it can just burn out. So, each laptop will have a different heat management solution. As this is such a small manufacturing level, the costs tend to rise over the roof.

Manufacturing process

The same way it happens with non-standardized parts, the manufacturing process is also quite different for every laptop, from making each part to assembling the laptop. In some cases, this is because of each unique structure and in some others because the manufacturer has made a hardware breakthrough that wants to remain a secret.

Also, the process does not only require machine assembling, but also actual people doing the work and controlling quality. Although this may not seem like a huge factor, the truth is that it heavily increases the pricing of the product. These people charge just like a normal person and we are talking about thousands.

Another aspect to consider is quality control. It is expected several laptops with defects, which have an impact on the pricing. After all of this, the laptop needs to get branding and marketing, but we’ll get there.


A small portion of the price you pay goes to branding. As they are such large companies, they can’t help but do it -along with side services- if they want to stay in the competition. So, you are also paying for quality control, customer support, and service, etc. Our satisfaction does come with a price and that’s the only way to get it.

Are gaming laptops worth the investment?

Definitely! Certainly, gaming laptops are expensive but they are totally worth it. You can’t bring your desktop to school, college or a family meeting, unlike with a laptop. Also, there are so many processes behind that although it may seem costly at first sight, the truth is that it should be way more expensive.

Of course, you have to be careful and do lots of research. The market has a wide offer when it comes to this niche, but not all of them are great. If you are not sure about which gaming laptop is good for you, this might be good content for you.

Final Thoughts

Yes, gaming laptops are expensive but it’s not exactly the manufacturers’ fault. In fact, they try to do their best to compete in this difficult niche and most of the time they get complains about the quality because they have to think about thermal solutions, standardized parts, manufacturing processes, and branding.

Certainly, all of these factors are something to consider but they are not less important. Otherwise, you would get poor-quality gaming and it wouldn’t worth your money. So, research well for the best gaming laptops out there and make the most out of your penny.