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Fleet Tracking Camera Solutions and Their Benefits

Fleet Tracking Camera Solutions and Their Benefits

Technology is at the center of all changes happening in the world of business today. Tech devices are fast automating and enhancing operations to replace work done by humans. Fleet tracking camera systems have now evolved to complete surveillance for drivers and fleet managers.

If you are looking to improve your fleet visibility, there are different types of fleet tracking camera solutions that you should know. Each of these cameras has numerous benefits as we are going to see below. The good thing is that you can get a complete solution from reputable experts who will also install them in all your fleet vehicles.

Types of Fleet Tracking Camera Solutions

GPS-enabled dashcam – Whether you are operating a fleet of trucks, delivery vans, or passenger buses, it is crucial to have a GPS-enabled dashcam. It records and sends footage in real time together with the actual location where the vehicle is. From the platform installed on managers’ phones, they can monitor the locations of vehicles and view the driving habits of drivers at any time they wish.

APC cameras – Another type of fleet tracking camera is connected with an automatic passenger counter. They work together with a series of sensors to count passengers boarding and alighting the passenger vehicles. They also transmit data in real time to remote locations such as fleet managers’ mobile phones or computers.

Benefits of a Fleet Tracking Camera System

To take your fleet management business to another level, you need to visit Eyeride io and see the fleet tracking solutions they have. You will be amazed to know that even passengers can track and view the locations of passenger vehicles they have booked. This is a big perk to your business because clients will learn to trust your services, and this is how your company builds a positive reputation.

Another benefit of a fleet tracking camera system is that you can view, monitor, and guide your fleet vehicles. For instance, managers and the owner of the fleet can direct delivery vehicles to routes that do not have heavy traffic at all. This speeds up service and saves on the cost of fuel. Therefore, the fleet tracking camera system is a solution that should not be ignored.

Furthermore, there is also the benefit of solving disputes between the employees and the management. A fleet tracking camera system records and transmits information related to driving habits and occurrences of events, which can be used as proof. Also, the footage is used by police and insurance companies as proof when making claims.

Lastly, a fleet tracking camera improves the safety of the driver, passengers, cargo, and other motorists. Most accidents are caused by careless driving, and drivers who know that someone is watching tend to be very careful.


Your fleet business will do very well when you install a [fleet tracking camera] system. As you can see, there are numerous benefits of these cameras. And the good thing is that a great system will also include driver assistance cameras such as reverse cameras, blind spot cameras, and any other that will be recommended by the experts. Do not hesitate to install this solution.

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