Benefits of Facial Recognition Attendance system

To keep tabs on innovations and expand their technological competencies, we at the timeero deal with the biometric technology. Discovering the time and attendance based biometric machine is one of the most talked innovations. We build prototypes to analyze and develop customized tools as per the companies requirements.

We have seen the popularity of the finger recognition system that has become popular. Now it is time to move forward and switch over to the face recognition attendance system, which is more accurate and precise to meet the coming time’s demand.

Biometric technology is becoming increasingly popular for a time and attendance tracking. Although fingerprint biometrics is a popular choice, facial recognition time tracking is an alternative biometric solution with certain distinct advantages. You can browse the benefits and significant features of the face recognition by visiting

Working on Facial Recognition Systems

A facial recognition system is based on calculating the pixels and recording them in a useful manner to recognize the face. A specific algorithm is followed to calculate the distances from right to left and from top to bottom. We take the help of 2D and 3D images to identify the pages.

 A sample size of the images is created to recognize specific features. Based on these samples, the facial dimension of a person is stored in the database. When the person scans his/her face for attendance, these dimensions are checked. If they are identical, the permission is granted.

Benefits of Face Recognition Time Tracking

The companies implementing face recognition attendance systems can have several advantages. Some of them are listed as:

Fully automatic time tracking:

The industry is following a trend where personal monitoring for attendance is not required. Moreover, as virtual working trends are increasing, a facial recognition attendance system could provide accurate results. Such a system is free of human errors.

A cost-effective, one-time investment

For organizations with a large volume of employees, personal recognition by a single person is an impossible task. This software will provide accurate results for as many people as you want. From an administrative perspective, it is a smart and long term investment.

Fully Secure and Confidential

The facial tracking system is developed not only for employees, but it can also track visitors. The system can deny access to people in question. In case any robbery or mischievous activity happens in the office, it can be easily tracked. for server rooms and for areas where you need extra security. it works efficiently.

Reduced contagion

Contagious illnesses such as colds and viruses like COVID spread throughout the workforce can increase the incidence of employee absences and significantly reduce productivity. With the facial recognition system, the employees have the leverage to work in a specific time duration depending on their convenience. Different teams can work in different slots without hampering each other’s work. Unlike the finger-scanning system, this software enables zero contamination as it works without any human touch. This saves time, as well as minimizes the risk of illnesses due to physical contact.

Smartly integrated

The integration of the software with other attendance tracking systems is quite easy, and the information collected can be organized accordingly. The time-in time-out formats can be customized, and the date format can also be chosen as per your organization. The time zone settings can be easily changed. So, one software can work worldwide without any changes. A company having multiple offices in different countries can implement one single system for attendance monitoring in all the offices.



Step by Step Process to Understand the Facial Recognition Attendance system

If you are on your way to buy a facial recognition attendance system then before buying, here we are sharing a step by step process that will help you choose the best software:

· Get a clear image of the person to ensure the right recognition.

· Analyse the facial features minutely so that mixing of the persons does not happen

· Based on the information received, check the person’s face and do manual checking before implementation.

Most of the facial systems are integrated with software developed in Python language, which accepts commands in human-like language. This can read pixel patterns of faces with no trouble.

Working of Algorithms used in Facial Recognition Attendance System

· As the colour in the image is additional data, it is switched over to monochrome. Then the model is further refined to recognize the faces.

· Each pixel is considered individually while regarding the surrounding pixels.

· The algorithm then figures out how dark the selected pixel is compared with pixels adjacent to it. 

· After this, the direction in which the image is darker is pointed out by an arrow.

· This procedure is continued until every pixel develops an arrow.

· The arrows shown depict the flow from light to dark in the whole image and are referred to as gradients.


Adopting a Work Culture

Biometrics has become ominous in everyday life. But when it comes to the documentation of working hours by an employee, the facial recognition software used is distinctive compared to the ones used in other areas.

We present superior technology, thus enabling employees to enroll on the time clock’s face recognition template effortlessly and more precisely. This, in turn, reduces read error rates for a more exact biometric enrollment and safeguards employees’ personal information. Additionally, it also eliminates costly buddy punching, which is not of much use in critical situations.

Face recognition attendance trackers can also be used in individual machines in virtual working or working from home models. Since the world is facing an ongoing pandemic and work from home culture is prevalent, there will be a need to develop and adopt the most advanced face recognition attendance trackers. These must be merged with AI tools to provide facilities like activity tracking on a laptop or PC, duration of hours logged in, etc.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we can say the face recognition systems are a new wave of technology that will help the HR department keep track of employees’ attendance accurately. Also, it will be an added feature in the security. Gone are the days when records had to be typed manually, resulting in many errors. This software will unburden your life from such worries.

Also, you can always change the built-in settings to suit your specific situation. The customized versions at the best market price are available at timeero. Reach to us to place your order now!

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