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Exodus Redux Kodi Add-on

Exodus Redux Kodi Add-on

Exodus Redux is a Kodi addon that provides access to lots of movies and TV shows. It appears to be similar to the popular Exodus Kodi addon and even sports the same logo. However, a lot of Kodi users claimed that Exodus Redux is better compared to the Exodus addon.

The Exodus Redux Kodi add-on went down a couple of months ago and came back with an update to deal with the TVDb errors. Exodus Redux Kodi add-on’s latest version comes with some changes, which include Openscrapers replacing Lambdascrapers.

Exodus Redux Features

After installing Exodus Redux, these are the stuff you’re going to see inside the Kodi add-on. It is robust and divided into multiple categories.

Main Menu

  • Movies, My Movies, TV Shows, My TV Shows, New Episodes, New Movies, Search, Documentaries,  Scraper Settings, Tools, & Info.

Movie Section

  • Once you enter the movie section, you’ll notice that the contents are filtered by Year, People, and Genres, Certificates, Languages, Most Popular, People Watching, Box Office, Most Voted, In Theaters, Oscar Winners, People Search My Movies, and New Movies. Clicking on New Movies, you’ll see up-to-date as well as recently released movie titles. The thumbnails display a brief movie description.

Movie Genres

  • Adventure, Action, Anime, Animation, Comedy, Biography, Documentary, Crime, Family, Drama, History, Fantasy, Music, Horror, Musical Mystery, Science Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Sport, Western, and War.

TV Shows Section

  • Filtered by Network, Genres, Certificates, Languages, Most Popular, People Watching, Most Voted, Highly Rated, Returning TV Shows, Airing Today,  New Episodes, New TV Shows, My TV Shows, TV Calendar, People Search, & Search.

TV Show Genres

  • Action, Animation, Adventure, Biography, Anime, Crime, Comedy, Drama, Family, Documentary, History, Fantasy, Music, Horror, Musical Mystery, Science Fiction, Romance, War, Thriller, Sport, Western, Talk Shows, Game Shows, & Reality TV.

Exodus not Working

Even though the Exodus Redux Kodi addon has a robust development team, Kodi users still have to deal with tons of streaming issues that could result in Exodus Redux not working. You’ve just streamed the succeeding episode of your favorite TV show on Kodi, and suddenly the Exodus Redux Kodi addon is not working. Kodi was functioning and you have done nothing that caused the problem, so it’s a little bit impossible to comprehend – not to mention significantly annoying or frustrating.

Nonetheless, here are a few solutions that can help you fix the Exodus not working issues:

  • Update the Exodus Redux Add-on – (Uninstall Exodus Redux – Reinstall the latest version of Exodus Redux)
  • Clear Exodus Redux’s Cache

Exodus Redux Alternatives

If you ever find Exodus Redux Kodi addon not functioning, here are alternative add-ons.

  • The Magic Dragon – This Kodi Addon offers you a whole breadth of entertainment content, which includes movies, TV shows, and many more. Below are some exciting categories The Magic Dragon organizes the media content into:
  1. People Watching
  2. BlueRay Movies RD Only
  3. New Cams/HDTS Releases
  4. Real Debrid Movies
  5. New Movie Releases
  6. Catch Up TV
  7. 4K Movies
  8. Documentary
  9. Episodes of The Day
  10. Kodi Channels
  11. Kids
  12. Music
  13. Movies
  14. Sport
  15. Radio
  • Destiny of Death Star – This Kodi addon covers different media content in numerous categories like Movies, TV Shows, Kids, and many more. It has media links for both kids & adults. This Kodi Addon fetches content from high-quality sources.
  • Seren – This on-demand Kodi addon hosts a huge line-up of entertainment content. It contains a straightforward interface and allows you to start watching your favorite content immediately. For now, Seren only lets you watch media links with Real Debrid or Premiumize. Nonetheless, this may change soon when Seren is completely developed.
  • Release BB – It is an on-demand Kodi add-on to stream movies and TV episodes. It contains a sufficient library of entertainment content. This Kodi add-on regularly adds new movies and television shows. Release BB is premium-hoster supported, which means it functions only with Debrid sign-in. However, you can find high-quality media links on this addon compared to free addons.
  • Gaia – This Kodi addon provides access to a wide range of entertainment content. It scrapes the internet and gets high-quality links from numerous sources. The Gaia Kodi addon also works well with third-party services such as Real Debrid and Trakt TV. With Gaia, you’ll never have difficulty playing the videos you want to watch.


Is Exodus Redux Legal?

Exodus Redux is legal as this add-on hosts the sources for copyrighted videos. Nonetheless, it depends on where a Kodi user lives and how their country spells out the law with regard to online piracy.

Is Exodus Redux any good?

Yes, this Kodi add-on provides tons of movies, TV shows, and many more

Is Exodus Redux better than the older Exodus?

Both addons contain similar features. Nonetheless, the Exodus Redux is more reliable.

Is Exodus Redux Safe to Use?

There are no reports on the web of an issue with the program. But, beware of downloading the Exodus Redux from any unofficial repository.

Is Exodus Redux Free?


Use A VPN for Anonymity

While you stream lots of great content via Kodi add-ons, your online privacy is at risk. Utilizing Kodi add-ons, you can’t tell if the videos are being obtained from legal sources and whether the videos are freely available to watch or not. Wherein, you could get in trouble if you’re not using a secure, reliable Virtual Private Network or VPN.

A VPN service will bypass Internet Service Provider (ISP) throttling, geo-restrictions, government surveillance on popular Kodi add-ons and allows you to stream your favorite videos on as many streaming devices as you want. IPVanish is the best VPN service that fits all these qualities and is the most affordable option for Kodi users. Additionally, you can stream on Kodi safely and securely.


While many Kodi add-ons guarantee a vast library of content, the video links rarely function in their entirety. Nonetheless, Exodus Redux has an active development team that updates the broken media links and the addon’s features so that you get unlimited entertainment content without issues. Regardless if you’re a novice or a veteran Kodi user, Exodus Redux is for everybody. Exodus Redux on Kodi will open up a new world of entertainment to you.

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