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All About The Ellen Degeneres Show

All About The Ellen Degeneres Show

All About The Ellen Degeneres Show

 When it comes to TV entertainment, we all have our preferences regarding the best cable provider, most desirable channel line ups, and most wanted TV shows we cannot live without. Though the top choices may vary from person to person some things are common favorites for all. Be it subscribing to Spectrum TV packages to enjoy our favorite channel line ups or eye candies like The Ellen show that we would never want to miss watching.

The Ellen Show is popular all around the world for all the right reasons. It has got all the ingredients that make a show stand out from the rest. Be it innovation, creative content, fun, laughter, and what not! The unique funny segments of the Ellen show never lose their charm with Ellen DeGeneres being the party person around. She never fails to amaze the audience with the most exciting and engaging content to give the hardest laughs. Let us first have a look at some quick facts about Ellen.

Ellen DeGeneres is a big name in the world of stand-up comedy and hostsone of her award-winning show- The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She wanted to be a veterinarian earlier but she was not a book bug. She did different jobs when ultimately her humor once spotted became a hit. She was offered todo stand-up comedy that made her give outstanding performances and gain more and more recognition.

Let us now have a peek at all the fun segments that steal the spotlight!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen DeGeneres became an instant hit. The show won multiple awards and made some records for gaining the most Emmy Awards for a daytime talk show.

Clumsy Thumbsy

In this hilarious segment, Ellen reads text messages that have gone wrong-thanks to the autocorrect. Often, autocorrect messes up what we are trying to say. And sometimes we end up being awkward and make uncomfortable exchanges with our parents or friends. This is what Clumsy Thumbsy is all about. Though it is a small segment it does steal the spotlight of the show as everyone of us can relate to it.

Dance Dare

If you watch Ellen show, you must know that she often runs a dance competition. The fans can record their dance video and where they have to dance behind any stranger without being caught. Ellen picks herfavorite submission.  It is hilarious to check out the expressions of those who notice.

Ellen in your Ear

Undoubtedly one of the funniest pranks ever pulled, the celebrities on Ellen’s show get to say anything that Ellen whispers them.  She often makes celebrities look weird in front of their audience.

What’s Wrong with These Photos?

In this funny segment, Ellen shows the pictures that are sent by the fans that can be awkward family photos, photos with bad timing, or anything. Ellen’s responses to them are the real highlight of the show. You are sure to get fits of laughter and some really good fun when watching this particular segment.

Where can you watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

You can watch the show on NBC. Rumors have it that the show is set to have a three tier renewal with NBC owned stations. The show continues to keep its place as one of the top-rated daytime talk shows for the past years. A good afternoon shows that keeps the viewers glued to the screens and enjoys roll on the floor laughing till the end-Ellen indeed is one of the best hosts ever and always brings creative, unique, and humorous content on the table.

What More?

Apart from the ever-popular The Ellen DeGeneres Show, you might not know that she is also the author of many books Seriously…I am Kidding released in 2011 and Home released back in 2015. She also continues working as an Executive Producer for many TV shows like Repeat After Me, One Big Happy, or Little Bug Shots.

Other Projects

Ellen has a league of her own as she also has been building her empire and possesses the label eleveneleven along with Ed by Ellen that is popular for shoes, baby items, and even a pet line.


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