Effective Agreement Templates You Can Customize and Download

When you are doing any kind of commercial transaction or taking service from someone, you should get an agreement signed. There are different kinds of agreements that you might need for different purposes. You can find many free agreement templates online which you can download, edit, and send to the other party for signing.

Some agreements are more commonly used than others. We would discuss some of the most common types of agreement templates that would save you from a ton of legal complications. Knowing about them will help you understand their applications for various commercial purposes.

1. Collaboration Agreement

A collaboration agreement is needed when you are working with one or more business entities or individuals to achieve something. The agreement clearly states the responsibilities of each involved party, their credential, and the duration of the collaboration.

It can be very useful for making the process of collaboration smoother and protecting legal cover for all parties involved. The process of taking a joint decision is also mentioned in a collaboration agreement. You can use them on CocoSign.

2. Commission Agreement

A commission agreement is a contract between a producer and a freelancer working on commissions. If you are a commission agent, you should get an agreement signed by your distributor to be able to take legal action if you are not paid.

Generally, in a commission agreement, the name and contact information of the agent and the employer are listed. The percentage of commission, the payment method, deadline of payment, terms, and other details are mentioned in the agreement.

3. Confidentiality Agreement

As a business owner, if you want to keep your trade secrets hidden, confidentiality agreements are very useful for you. They also go by other names like non-disclosure agreements and secrecy agreements. There are many types of confidentiality agreements like unilateral, bilateral, and multilateral agreements.

In a confidential agreement, the name of the parties involved, the information that is to be protected, reasons for protecting it, general provisions, signatures, and other details are present.

4. Copyright License Agreement

If you are a business owner and you want to use the intellectual property of a creator, you should get a copyright license agreement. By having a copyright license agreement, you can legally use creative property like images, songs, videos, and others for commercial purposes. The license can be of various types and with each type, the business gets certain usage rights.

A verbal agreement between you and the creator would mean nothing in court which is why a copyright license agreement is crucial. The licensing details, duration of the license, restrictions of usage, payments, and terminations are required to be there in the agreement.

5.  Asset Purchase Agreement

An asset purchase agreement is required between a seller and a purchaser to keep records of trade. It is very useful during the merger of two companies or when a company is acquiring another company.

The name of the companies, the lists of tangible assets, payments, examination, termination, and non-disclosure information are essential parts of an Asset Purchase Agreement.

6.  Business Partnership Agreement

If you are thinking of partnering up with someone or a company, then you definitely need to look into a business partnership agreement. It is vital to form an agreement so each concerned party knows their roles and responsibilities.

In a Business Partnership, the name and roles of all the partners, the percentage of their ownership of the business, profit/loss distribution, and other essential clauses are noted down.

7.  Advertising Agreement

When you want to advertise your product, you most likely would hire an advertising firm. It is a good idea to create an advertising agreement so they know your expectations and their payment terms are explicitly mentioned in the agreement.

In most advertising agreements the details of the advertising process, what is expected from the advertisers, the duration of advertising, and other details are mentioned. You can add confidentiality clauses to safeguard sensitive information about your business.

8.  Agency Agreement

An agency agreement happens between a company and an agency or an agent whose services the company wants to use for their business. An agency agreement is very useful to clearly mention what the company expects from the agency/agent and what rights would the agency/agent enjoy from the company as well.

In an agency agreement the services, responsibilities, the duration of employment, the payment, payment duration, and payment deadline are clearly stated. Limited liability is also an important factor in an agency agreement.

9. Debt Settlement Agreement

A debt settlement agreement is signed by both the creditor and the debtor in which all the rules and regulations are mentioned regarding clearing the debt. The name and credentials of both parties, the number of installments, payment method, payment deadline, and fines are mentioned in a debt settlement agreement.

A debt settlement agreement makes the complex process of debt settlement very simple and peaceful. The creditor won’t be able to put unlawful pressure on the debtor because of this agreement.

10. Escrow Agreement

If you are doing business with a new company this agreement is very useful. Generally, three parties are involved in this agreement where the first party would make an initial deposit to the third party in exchange for services from the second party. The third party is trusted by both parties to see that the whole process is conducted smoothly.

The third-party would release the payment to the second party when specific conditions are met according to the escrow agreement. The initial deposit, conditions of payment release, and other details are very important in an escrow agreement.

How can you get these templates for free?

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How can you get these templates for free

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When you are conducting business, you should get legal agreements signed for ensuring proper communication and protecting your rights.

To make the process of creating agreements easy, CocoSign is a valuable tool that offers free agreement templates to download and customize.

It is important to understand the purpose of various types of agreements before using them in your business.