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Know Yourself-Do You Need a VPN on Your Smartphone?

Know Yourself-Do You Need a VPN on Your Smartphone?

You probably have heard about the advantages of having a VPN and may have one on your computer, but do you really need a VPN on your smartphone? Virtual Private Networks has many benefits, including greater access to streaming videos and geo-restricted content, improved security, and anonymous browsing.

However, you may wonder if you need a VPN, such as an Android VPN, on your smartphone.

The answer is, in most cases,  yes, but make sure you have the right one. A good VPN doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even find a high-quality free VPN if you research, read reviews, and select a good brand.

What Is a VPN, and How Does It Work?

A VPN acts as a go-between that forwards your requests to a website and acts as if it originates from the Virtual Private Network. Because the website cannot detect that the requests come from the original user, a VPN is a great way to disguise your IP address to get past website restrictions.

A VPN works by creating a virtual tunnel between the user and the internet and disguises data through encryption. This means that even if your data is intercepted somehow, it won’t be decoded. The information is translated into a nonsense language that only the device and the VPN can decode.

Now that you know how a VPN hides your data and IP address, what are some other reasons you should install one on your smartphone?

Watch More Netflix

If you are eager to stream a new Netflix series during a long bus ride only to find that it isn’t available in your region, you may decide it’s time to install a VPN on your smartphone. Since a VPN masks your actual IP address, it can help bypass geo-restrictions on content.

Once your VPN is installed, depending on which kind you use, you can set it to various regions. Netflix will “think” you are located in New York, for instance, when you are actually in Mexico and will allow you to stream content available to people in New York.

If there is a movie you want to see that is only available on Netflix in the U.K, for instance, and you are in Seattle, you can set your VPN to the U.K. The number of locations and servers you have access varies according to the type of VPN plan you have.

One thing to be aware of is that Netflix is becoming sharper about spotting VPNs and can limit your service if they detect you are not using your original IP address. However, VPNs are also updating their technology along with Netflix. That is why it is essential to download a VPN that is advanced enough to stay a step ahead of  Netflix and other content providers.

Stream Foreign TV Channels

Suppose you travel abroad for business or vacation and want to see your favorite TV show or have always wanted to view a European series from the United States. In that case, a VPN could be your key to streaming content that would otherwise be unavailable.

There are several reasons why content is restricted by region. Some have to do with regulations and censorship laws. Others deal with copyright issues. Installing a VPN on your mobile device and setting it to the relevant country lets you see content from wherever you are. One drawback is that some websites keep a database of VPNs and might have yours on the block list, but a VPN will at least broaden your options over what is available with your regular IP address.

Find Lower Prices

Sometimes the price you pay online depends on where you are located. This is particularly true of plane tickets. To take advantage of short-term promotions, a VPN on your mobile will allow you to quickly seize an opportunity and save money by making the website believe you are located in a country where the price is lower. Sometimes changing your VPN address to the same state as the airline can also help you lock in lower airfares.

A VPN Is Not Just For Your PC

If you enjoy the advantages of streaming videos from around the world on your PC, why not enjoy the same benefits when you are out and about? A VPN not only helps you access content regardless of restrictions but can add to your phone’s security features by masking your IP address. This shields your data when your phone is connected to a public Wifi network. Installing a VPN on your phone is easy and provides opportunities to access a wealth of online content.

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