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Do-It-Yourself Bedroom: 12 Color Scheme Ideas For Your Room

Do-It-Yourself Bedroom: 12 Color Scheme Ideas For Your Room

Do-It-Yourself Bedroom

Everybody needs a place to rest and recover after a long day of hard work. Your bedroom is a safe haven where you can finally charge up it. Though it’s rarely revealed to guests, it’s easy to overlook the relevance of designing a space that is not only cozy but also suited to your character.

Irrespective of your design aesthetics, you deserve a bedroom that promotes a good night’s rest. Comforting hues, beautiful bedding, and carefully selected bedroom accessories, such as nightstands with the right amount of storage, are just some of the elements needed to create a soothing yet stylish bedroom. Believe it or not, your bedroom color scheme has a big effect on your mood when you go to sleep and wake up in the morning. Whether you’ve moved to a new home or are just looking to renovate.

What color scheme should you pick?

When it comes to DIY bedroom storage and revamping ideas, one factor that is important is the color of the room. To recreate the color scheme in your bedroom, you have to synchronize your wall color, bedding, and decor to generate a concise layout. To take your bedroom to the next level, you can add a customized frame, bedding, and accessories. Here is the list of color schemes ideas you should check out:

1. Brilliant Sunshine (Canary Yellow, Black, Cameo, Turquoise, White)

Create a dynamic space to loosen up by decorating your bedroom with bright yellow and turquoise pops. The accent walls, curtains, and bedding assist to illuminate the room while the wood floor, the black side tables, and the tan and turquoise pillows keep everything in balance. If you decide to add yellow to your bedroom, make sure you bring contrasting colors to the room so that the eye is not overwhelmed.

2. Multicolored Sanctuary (Gray, White, Mint Green, Navy, Bright Orange)

Matching white walls and furniture offers the flexibility to choose bedding and decor that reflects your personality without looking too loud. Choose a multicolored comforter with matching pillows that have shades of mint green, navy, orange, and white—colors that are known to work well together.

3. Regal Glam (Royal Red, Sheen Gold, Cloudy Tan, Pure White)

Color schemes could go beyond conventional paint; wallpaper will take a step further. This gold-sheen accenting produces a splendid feeling as soon as you step into the room. To successfully pull together an exquisite and royal master bedroom, it’s necessary to introduce muted tones so you don’t overpower space. The neutral colors of this bedroom are off-white bedding and cloudy tan walls that give the royal red and gold accent walls a real feel.

4. Modern Bohemian (Deep Tropical Forest, Meditation Green, Hawaiian Tan, All White)

Introducing new colors and updated space furniture, you can improve a boho-inspired bedroom. While the bohemian styles are usually full of vibrant colors, you can design a room that features deeper shades while remaining true to an unconventional look. The room is illuminated by white walls, curtains, and bedding, while the accent wall, the settee bench, and the patterned carpet incorporate the Bohemian theme.

5. Transitional Simplicity (Sea Mist, True Ivory, Black, Summit Gray, Dandelion Yellow)

The sea mist and true ivory room are the ideal backdrops for ever-changing décor. Just by switching out your accent pillow, you can set a new mood for your bedroom. This hint of yellow brings a sweet spring feel to the bedroom, which can be altered on the basis of season, holiday or mood.

6. Into The Woods (Reclaimed Wood, Crocodile Green, Forest Green, Pure White, Dusty Lead)

Bring earthy colors to your bedroom to enhance the natural look. If your main colors are darker hues, incorporate a few lighter pieces to lighten space. The white shelves, curtains, and light fixtures in this bedroom offset the darker colors while remaining true to the earthy image. Mostly use solid colors around the room and don’t be afraid to put patterns in your bedding, rug, or pillows. An antique wool rug brings texture and color to your bedroom.

7. Burnt Orange Muse (Burnt Orange, Amber Orange, Terracotta, Sand, White)

Orange is a bold choice of color in the bedroom that produces an energetic, creative feeling. Different hues of orange blended with neutral colors create a warm look without appearing too intimidating. If you’re searching to host a variety of orange shades, accent pillows will improve the color scheme in a neutered manner.

8. Effortless Sophistication (White, Maroon, Olive, Butter, Indigo)

Live up space with exposed walls by incorporating pops of color! Add versatile wall textures to free space that can look too powerful without a combination of bold colors. The maroon, olive, butter, and indigo colors help to refresh the industrial-style bedroom.

9. It’s All About Spring (Lime Green, Orange, Off White, Beige)

Put together a bedroom that integrates your favorite color and season! This green and orange color scheme is achieved by collecting bright bedding, lighting, and decoration, making it easy to enhance without painting the walls. If you decide on using bold colors, balance them with muted colors such as tan, beige or white, so the bedroom doesn’t seem too loud.

10. Tranquil Appeal (Seafoam Green, Gray, White, Touch of Sunshine)

Softer, less dominant colors help to build a relaxing getaway. A  comforting space is achieved by using simple colors and versatile patterns. Though the accent wall and the bedding contrast in their material and pattern, they seamlessly complement each other due to the gray, sea-foam green, and white color scheme.

11. Classic Meets Modern (Persian Green, Sand, Dark Gray, Red Orange, White)

If you’re engaged in using patterned wallpaper to accent the wall in your bedroom, stick it with solid colors throughout the rest of the decor to avoid getting too crowded. The shades of gray within the bedroom must be raised with pops of color in the pillows and the bench or chair.

12. Casual and Chic (Charcoal, Natural Wood, Almond, Brown, White)

Keep it casual yet chic by developing a neutral color scheme with shades of gray and brown. Even though neutral shades are often mistaken for dull colors, with some style, they can be incorporated into something very special. To move your bedroom to the next level, you can add a textured accent wall design.


Your bedroom should be the most relaxing place out of every room in your home. Establish yourself up for a good night’s sleep with one of these color scheme design ideas for the bedroom. Any of these stylish color schemes will inspire you to decorate with any choice of paint, bedding, furniture, and accessories. For more ideas, you may also visit!

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