Digital Media Academy – A Premier Destination for Tech Education & Online Programs for Kids & Teens.

About Digital Media Academy

The Digital Media Academy was founded on the Stanford University campus in 1999 to provide technology instruction to K12 teachers and develop technology courses for teens. In 2002, this Academy for New Media became the Digital Media Academy.

It significantly expanded its technology education programs, operating in the most prominent universities: Stanford University, NYU, UPenn, U Chicago, Oxford University, U Washington, UCLA, UC San Diego. UBC, U Toronto and others. Since then, the Digital Media Academy has provided online applied technology education to more than 500,000 students in more than 1,100 schools in more than 125 countries.

Aim of Digital Media Academy

Digital media academy aims to be a learning community of diversity and excellence through memorable and innovative educational experiences led by the best educators. They build skills and confidence to empower lifelong learners to follow their dreams and make a lasting impact.

Benefits of choosing Digital Media Academy

Verified Track Record

Our programs are taught at top schools in over 125 countries and have been verified by multiple independent researchers, associations and universities.

Technology applied by DMA

Prepare students for professions in game design, computer science, filmmaking, creative design, music production, digital storytelling, and entrepreneurship.

Extensive learning experiences.

Our focus on project-based learning gives students hands-on experience with online courses for grades K-12.

Other Benefits of choosing DMA

It offers you premium year-round programs like virtual after school, virtual camps and self-paced that fits your schedule.

Unleash your potential and master your skills. Learn like an expert!

  • Choose from various online programs to discover your true passions and skills.
  • Discover from industry experts and master your skills with specialized hardware and software.

Validated by the Best

Our techniques and results have been studied and validated by university research departments, independent educational associations and global brands.

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