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What Are The Different Printing Services Available?

What Are The Different Printing Services Available?

As technology advances, new printing techniques and services are also increasing. There are various types of printing methods available which are continuing to evolve. Each type has its own specification and printing qualities. Further, each printing service suited to different needs.

For example, if you need prints for business, then choose the printing service that best highlights your product. Let’s take a look at the following types of printing services so that you can choose the best print service according to your need.

So what are the different types of printing, and how do they vary from each other?

Offset lithography

Offset lithography is also known as offset printing. It is a very popular technique for mass-production printing. The machine has printing plates made from aluminium. These plates hold the image that needs to be printed.

After that, the plates are transferred onto rollers before sending them onto the print media (paper). In the entire process, there will be no contact between the print media and the metal plates.

The best part is that offset lithography can be used to print images on any media with rough or smooth surfaces. Also, it produces consistently high-quality images in bulk.


The second printing service or method is flexographic printing. It is the modern version of letterpress printing and is best to use for printing images on uneven and rough surfaces. In this printing service, quick-drying and semi-liquid inks are used.

Further, in this type of printing, the plates wrapped around the rotating cylinders to print the quality image.

Digital printing

The latest and popular print service is digital printing. Today, most photographers use this style of printing to produce a high-quality image. Basically, digital printing is a modern technique that covers much other printing including, inkjet printing and laser.

In this printing service, the images are directly sent to the printer using digital files or PDFs. It means there is no need to print plates, and the process is easier as compared to other printing services.

In simple words, digital printing allows for quick turnaround and produces quality images.

Large format

As the name suggests, large format printing is used to create a maximum print roll width. For traditional advertisement banners and posters, this type of printing is the best option.

It uses rolls of prints that can produce one large sheet in minimum time. This printing technique is best for building wraps, billboards, banners, and murals.

If you are a businessman and want to advertise your services, then choose large-format media to produce flat prints.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a technique where a mesh or fine material is used to transfer the image onto another material. The mesh creates a screen to successfully print the image. This printing service is popular to print graphics onto fabric and clothes.

To use it, you need a lot of settings, so it is better to use it for repeat items to print in bulk.

Final Words

Hope that you gain knowledge about various printing methods and services. Now, you can choose the best print service for you that suits your needs and budget.

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