What is WWW? – Definition, Origin, Advantages And More

Definition WWW

WWW stands for World Wide Web, the system of hypertext documents that are linked to each other and accessed through the Internet. Through software known as a browser, users can view various websites (which contain text, images, videos, and other multimedia content) and navigate through them through hyperlinks.

In this case, using a comparison with the telephone communications sector, that www is the “prefix” of any portal on the Network above that we want to access.


The WWW, as noted when reviewing the origins of this acronym, was developed in the early 1990s by an English man named Tim Berners-Lee, who had the collaboration of Robert Cailliau, a Belgian who worked with him in Geneva (Switzerland). In any case, its antecedents go back to the 1940s. Berners-Lee and Cailliau have been vital in the creation of various standards related to the web universe. As it happened with the markup languages ​​that make the creation of pages possible.

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How does WWW work?

The operation of the WWW starts when a user enters an address (URL) in their browser or when they follow a hypertext link included on a page. The browser then runs a series of communications to get the data of the requested page and, in this way, display it.

The first step is to transform the server name from the URL into an IP address, using the database known as DNS. The IP address allows contacting the webserver and transferring the data packets.

The HTTP request is sent to the server to gain access to the resource. First, the HTML text is requested, and then the analysis is carried out by the browser, which makes other requests reserved for the graphics and the rest of the files that are part of the page.


With the use of www and various web pages, we can access endless spaces to information on any aspect. We have the opportunity to entertain ourselves by viewing exciting images. Or we can even communicate with people from any corner of our planet.

In this sense, we can emphasize that some of the websites with the most influx of users worldwide are the Google search engine, the YouTube video portal, or social networks such as Facebook.

WWW has become an authentic revolution and innovation of the 20th century. And it is that it has managed to cause an absolute change in the technological and social field.

In this way, expert sociologists have underlined how those have partially modified communication between human beings. Many people bet on the Net to be able to have conversations with their friends or family. But also a large number of them use the same to meet new friends or relationships. And also to regain contact with people or even to establish labor relations.

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