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What is VulkanRT? – Definition, Features and More

What is VulkanRT? – Definition, Features and More

VulKanRT Definition

VulkanRT is a legitimate 3D graphics (API) application programming interface developed by the Khronos Group.

Many of the users report that they notice this program in their program files folder (x86), and because they do not remember to install it, they are unsolved that they can be malicious.

Before proceeding to explain what exactly it is, we first want to assure you that it is not malware and is a completely legitimate program. It is also known as Vulkan Run Time Libraries.


VulkanRT is an API that improves 3D performance in certain applications, such as graphics games.
It also balances tasks through multi-core CPUs. Since they can make graphics in a more orderly way, it performs much better.

  • The release of it was in 2015, and although it is the successor of OpenGL, it is even more useful in some cases.
  • VulkanRT is similar to Direct3D12 but also it can run on many operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Android.
  • Since the program is entirely legitimate, you may be wondering how to install without your noticing. But, it usually comes along with something else, such as a game.
  • Many games use both require VulkanRT, so it may have come from a game that downloaded and installed.
  • If you have not recently installed any games and have never noticed VulkanRT before, you could also have installed along with graphics drivers for your NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards.

Or maybe it was recently installed to new GPU drivers, with which VulkanRT came. Since multiple scenarios could have resulted in it being installed, there is no need to worry.

Should VulkanRT be removed?

Since it comes bundled with something you are using, we recommend you not to remove VulkanRT. It is perfectly safe, and there is no reason not to keep it.

However, only as a precaution, we must warn you that some malware disguises itself as a legitimate program to avoid detection.

It is unlikely to happen in this case, but it is still something you should keep in mind. If you have anti-malware software and are warning that VulkanRT is malicious, it is worth checking out.

However, do not remove VulkanRT with anti-malware before you verify that it is malicious. If the detected file is in program files (x86) and is under the name [VulkanRT], it is safe and can omit the warning.

However, if you notice that instead of VulkanRT or something similar, anti-malware software may be something and you should consider deleting the file.

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