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What is a Versa Network? – Definition, Functions and More

What is a Versa Network? – Definition, Functions and More

Versa Network Definition

Versa Network is the innovator of the Secure Cloud IP architecture. A state-of-the-art software platform that offers an integrated cloud, network, and security services.

Versa’s SD-WAN solution brings together, its ability to manage multi-tenant networks, multiple deployment options, contactless provisioning and scalability across various clouds.

Solution providers can create managed service tickets based on high-value NFVs. Other advantages include rugged connectivity and critical security features. Such as state-of-the-art firewalls and secure web gateway that automatically integrate with other network functions.


  • Versa’s approach focuses on the transformation of business networks by allowing companies to transform their external networks.
  • Versa network’s dedication to partners and customers, together with its innovative approach to providing the industry with secure and native SD-WAN technology in the cloud addresses the strategic initiatives of the digital transformation of companies.
  • The suite is next-generation Versa software solutions, including switching, SD-WAN, cloud connectivity and all this adding the necessary security.
  • Its technological vision and strategic direction are opening the way for global service providers and companies to succeed in their digital transformation strategies.
  • Versa network is the only manufacturer of software-defined networks that provide an end-to-end solution, simplify and secure the WAN / LAN network.
  • Versa’s Secure Cloud IP platform, based entirely on software, offers a broad set of tools to build agile and secure business networks. As well as the possibility of adding a layer of highly efficient managed services.
  • The Versa Networks has received 3 of the scores in Gartner’s research report. “Critical Capabilities for WAN Edge Infrastructure.” And it was also recently recognized as a visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant in the WAN Edge infrastructure category. In the latter case competing against other major manufacturers Cisco, VMware (VeloCloud) and Silver Peak.
  • With more than 800 companies that are customers, more than 80 service provider partners, and 300 employees.
  • It is easy to understand why Versa is a disruptor in a rapidly growing market of billions of dollars, with more than 150,000 VNF licenses installed.

Versa Networks products

  • FlexVNF WAN Edge software
  • Versa Titan managed/hosted in the cloud.

Versa Secure Cloud IP Platform Overview

The Versa Secure Cloud IP Platform consists of three software components that work together to deliver highly flexible. And also, scalable SD-WANs and virtualized security to software-defined the branch office:

  • Versa FlexVNF: The core building block for it includes a broad set of virtualized networks. And also, security services with carrier-grade multi-tenancy, programmability, service chaining, service elasticity, and cost-effective deployment choices
  • The Versa Director: For both connectivity and services, single point of centralized control and management.
  • Versa Analytics: A historical analytics engine and the real-time engine provides control, visibility, prediction. And also, a 360-degree feedback loop for adaptability, network, and security event correlation.

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