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What is a Site License? Definition, Types and More

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Site License Definition

A Site License is an agreement that is applied when a company or public institution purchase commercial software in bulk and uses it for employees.

Many software manufacturers have introduced special sales methods that apply discount prices, fixed amounts, etc. And also according to the number of users and the number of users when corporations and others purchase in bulk.

It is often cheaper than purchasing a personalized package version at a store, and depending on the scale and contract method, a dedicated support window or a person in charge may be assigned.

Product package forms and program files are often separate from the normal version. And a function for providing a large number of duplicate installations provides via a local area network (LAN), And also a dedicated registration number enters at a startup. It may have become.

Depending on the manufacturer or product, “ corporate license ” for corporations, “government license” for government agencies and local governments, and also “academic license” or “ Sometimes referred to as “school license.”

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Types of License

Single User License

Multi-User Department Site License

There are two installation options:

Stand-alone PC license: The installation of LIMDEP or NLOGIT may be on the licensed number of on-site desktops and organization-owned laptops, but not home computers, and every installation counts.

Network license: The installation of LIMDEP or NLOGIT may be on one network server for use within a single location. And also, it does not include remote or virtual access from home and off-site locations. The server must monitor the number of simultaneous users and limit access to the licensed group. A remote access network lease is also available.

Student License

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