Definition  Microsite

Unlike conventional websites, which involve a global presentation of the company and its services. A microsite focuses on promoting a specific product or service and generally does so for a limited time.


For example, we are organizing a specific event, promoting an academic specialization that ends at a particular time. Or launching a new product that requires rapid diffusion. Similarly, it is possible to develop a minisite to provide detailed. And complete information on a sophisticated service that needs a better explanation.

Microsites precisely are a kind of mini-websites that offer accurate information in a convenient, clean, bright, and user-friendly way to generate much more direct communication and which is easily accessible.

What do the Microsites offer?

The microsites, also known as hot sites, promo sites, and web lets. Usually have their domain and a web design quite different from the institutional website of the brand. Still, they are not entirely independent from it since it exists at minus a link between the two. And it is that when in Fuego Yámana we talk about microsites we refer to secondary websites, with few internal pages, that extend the functionality of the agency’s main website, developed for strictly promotional purposes.

In most cases, they are launched as an advertising vehicle to push an offer, broadcast an event, or promote other temporary circumstances. Also, they serve as a platform for a new product that only seeks to give initial stimulation through interactive elements that generate high engagement and commitment from the prospects.

Key benefits of a Microsite:

what makes a microsite so successful?

Among the main advantages of a microsite, the agility with which they develop stands out. Since they do not demand as many technical specificities or excessive content management. Also, by promoting a series of specific keywords, they achieve a good result in terms of SEO positioning faster.

Other functions of a Microsite:

  • It allows you to use a completely different template than the mother page and specifically target it for conversion purposes. If you dare to be disruptive, you can use the use of unique fonts, animations, and significant graphic elements.
  • It enables you to generate a campaign outside the main website and conquer new keywords more freely. Something essential if you want to promote other search engine positioning actions! Associated with this significant contribution of optimization in search engines. The use of an own domain implies a significant added value to leverage the presence of the brand from different sites.
  • It is an ideal channel to show the right amount of images, infographic data, or videos about a new product or service. Integrating all this audiovisual content on the website could overload navigation and negatively affect its usability.
  • It gives you absolute freedom when launching a creative campaign focused on a specific target audience. This is particularly useful for you to target specific niches and specifically appeal to that audience using unique humor, language codes, and communicational winks to engage customers.
  • It helps to conquer new market segments since a microsite presents the exact information that the new section needs in an attractive and empathetic way for them. This benefit focuses precisely on what is most important to this specific group. So your duty will be to present the information in a complete and detailed way for them.
  • Enables ROI, scope, and achievement measurement in a more efficient, timely, and segmented manner, providing well-detailed, separate analytics. It can get promoted explicitly through different types of campaigns such as PPC online advertising from Google Adwords.

How to make your company succeed by developing a microsite

As we already said, a microsite allows you to highlight a product, launch a promotion, or increase the segmentation of an Inbound Marketing campaign. If you are looking to promote a specific digital strategy, developing a microsite is the best solution to avoid contaminating the corporate focus of your website and allowing it to purely display contact information, service descriptions, frequently asked questions about use. Of the products, the values ​​of the company, the biography of the members of the company.