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What is Looker? – Definition, Advantages, Functions, And More

What is Looker? – Definition, Advantages, Functions, And More

Definition Looker

Looker is software that analyzes the available data to return it to the different departments of the organization.

All about Looker

[Looker] is an online analysis and processing platform for companies that need to handle a large volume of data: e-commerce, media, software companies, healthcare, video game industry, and fintech.

Looker analyzes the data and presents it as personalized dashboards for each department of the company:

  • marketing
  • product
  • commercial
  • analysts
  • Logistics
  • support for

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Why use Looker in your Reporting tasks?

Looker makes it possible to transform raw data into a performance indicator.

Using Looker means using data in the form of tables, indicators, etc., to make rational decisions:

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Take advantage of opportunities.
  • Each service visualizes its performance and determines areas of improvement beneficial to the overall performance of the organization.
  • Looker helps to get results in real-time.

Advantages of looker

Looker is one of the most advanced tools for Business Intelligence and Big Data. With this tool, we can provide the best solution to obtain answers from the data.

[Looker] differs from other tools by defining a new way of doing Analytics. It is a data platform designed to unify all data sources and obtain responses with a unified data model.

Accelerate Your Big Data Strategy

[Looker] is a solution that solves and accelerates the mission of deploying a Big Data strategy in your company.

[Looker] can accelerate this strategy and bring advantages to your company.

A strategy focused on centralizing all the information.

Why Google is willing to pay $ 2.6 billion to buy this company?

Thomas Kurian joined as the new CEO of Google Cloud, last November, replacing Diane Greene. A few hours later, he made the big move by announcing the purchase of [Looker] Data Sciences. [Looker] is a data analysis software company.

According to the press release released by Alphabet (Google’s parent), they hope to close this deal by the end of the year, at which point [Looker] will become part of Google Cloud.

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