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What is a Help Desk Operator? – Definition, Tasks, and More

What is a Help Desk Operator? – Definition, Tasks, and More

Help Desk Operator Definition

Help Desk Operator answers the queries, the doubts, or the issues of the users by telephone or by email and usually resolve them also by these means.

They performs computer support for users of a company that has problems with the software or hardware.

This professional receives, diagnoses and solves the problem or forwards it to specialized maintenance technicians, if necessary.

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What are the tasks of the Help Desk Operator?

  1. To address and manage customer problems by phone or email.
  2. To make minor repairs and solve small problems by following preset specifications.
  3. Redirect user problems to the maintenance technician or the right specialist.
  4. To track and close the incidents, making sure that the user’s problem solved correctly in a reasonable time.
  5. Install some hardware elements and some software, which helps the specialist technician.
  6. Provides telephone or email support to users in those problems that they can solve themselves by following their instructions.
  7. To give these instructions, they must know in depth the technical manuals for hardware and software.
  8. To report possible errors to the specialist to solve them and Collect user queries.
  9. File and collect all user problems to make a subsequent analysis of the most common, to avoid them.

What should be the abilities of a Help Desk Operator?

  • The role of the help desk operator requires that the person be competent in oral and written communication skills.
  • To be courteous in handling and resolving complaints, have practical knowledge of operating systems, and have experience in computer programs.
  • However, the necessary depth of knowledge for this position is not so high as for a system administrator, for example.

What are the alternative career options?

  • People are attracted to the role of technical support operator because it is an excellent entry-level position for someone interested in the field of information technology.
  • And also, The technical requirements are not as intensive as they would be for positions of responsibility.
  • The role of the help desk operator provides grounding for an individual to seek professional options such as technical support analyst, Help Desk technician, and technical support service.

What are the responsibilities of the Help Desk Operator?

  1. Help Desk Operators employed in companies and by suppliers to develop other responsibilities that include the installation of hardware and software.
  2. To contribute and provide the purchase management of applications, equipment, guidance, and computer communication to new employees.
  3. And also, to train new staff members through the development of on-the-job training modules and update relevant systems when necessary.
  4. The operator is required to use his initiative and operate under a minimum of supervision for internal efficiency.
  5. And also, Having a positive approach to perform additional tasks when necessary, is an advantage.

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