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What is DVD-RAM? – Definition, History, Types and More

What is DVD-RAM? – Definition, History, Types and More

DVD-RAM Definition

As a DVD-RAM is one of the three rewritable DVD formats indicated that compared to the other two by its better rewriting and data security should be characterized.

It is used in computers as well as in camcorders and hard disk recorders, but it increasingly replaces by flash memory in this application area.

Early the discs require an enclosing cartridge, which meant they would not fit in all DVD players or DVD-ROM drives.

And also, it has a storage capacity of up to 9.4 gigabytes (GB) per double-sided disc and it has many times the size of CD-RW.

What is the history of DVD-RAM?

  • Initially, there were only pure playback DVDs like DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, and DVD-ROM. Also, there should initially be only for the computer area, a rewritable DVD format, the DVD-RAM.
  • The “-RAM” stands for ” Random Access Memory.” Meanwhile, it is also used very successfully for other areas such as video.
  • Although it is the oldest rewritable DVD format, it is less common than the other two rewritable DVD variants DVD-RW and DVD + RW.
  • Although, they had jointly approved in 1996, additionally introduced the DVD formats DVD-RW and DVD + RW for various market interests.
  • Both competing forms also based on the phase change technique, but they have some savings at the expense of good rewritability and data security.
  • The two DVD variants DVD-RW and DVD + RW refer to DVD ± RW for short.

What are the differences between DVD-RAM and DVD-RW and DVD+RW?

In addition, there are two more rewritable DVD formats, the DVD-RW and the DVD + RW. Generally speaking, the main difference from the DVD ± RW to the DVD-RAM is that the DVD ± RW designs for maximum compatibility with the DVD-Video and DVD-ROM while the DVD-RAM optimizes for data security.


  1. DVD devices can generally play a DVD ± RW, whereas this is not the rule for DVD-RAM.
  2. Usually only for the higher quality DVD devices – see chapter Device types, manufacturer, and RAMPRG.


  1. The media of it is directly distinguishable from other DVD variants with the naked eye by their sectoring.
  2. which visually show up as many small scattered rectangles on the back of a DVD-RAM.


  1. It often gets format at the factory, unlike DVD ± RW.
  2. Also, a reformatting of a DVD-RAM by their sectoring in a few seconds is possible in contrast to the DVD ± RW.


  1. Its media describes 50 percent slower than a DVD ± RW media. This difference in speed, however, is only superficial.
  2. If the necessary subsequent verification also adds at the time of burning a DVD ± RW, the total time is about the same.

What are the types of DVD-RAM?

  • There are four basic types of DVD devices: DVD-RAM players, burners, camcorders, and video recorders.
  • The prominent manufacturers of devices and media for DVD-RAM founded the RAM Promotion Group (RAMPRG).
  • which since the IFA striving in 2003 to market DVD-RAM together more active.
  • The RAMPRG included, among others, the following manufacturers: Hitachi, JVC, Toshiba, Maxell, LG Electronics, Panasonic ( Matsushita ), Samsung, Verbatim, and TEAC.
  • The RAMPRG is no longer available.

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