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What is Digital Miner? Definition, Features and More

What is Digital Miner? Definition, Features and More

Digital Miner Definition

A digital miner is a machine that digs ores within a specified area buried underground. Unlike other machines, this is a machine that requires vertical 3x3x2 (height).

Unlike ordinary machines, the energy loading surface and item unloading surface are fixed from the beginning (somewhat can be eliminated by changing the direction of the machine itself), and cannot be changed.

Features of Digital Miner

  • Up to 8 upgrades can stack for both energy and speed. It does not recommend a speed upgrade because energy consumption will not be stupid. Of course, it cannot be made into a factory.
  • It has a silk touch mode, an automatic carry-out mode, and a function to replace a dugout place with gravel.
  • The UI of the digital miner allows silk touch, automatic export, a designation of ore to dig, and range designation.
  • Unlike normal machines, there is no need to open the upgrade tab. In the mining range (which does not exist originally), the minimum altitude, the maximum altitude, and the radius of the circle centering on the digital miner can be specified.

Ores Mining

In the designation of mining ores, “Ore Dictionary,” “Mod Name Specification,” and “Sample Item Specification” are possible.

“Ore Dictionary”: As the name suggests, you can specify by entering part of the ore name registered in the forge ore dictionary with asterisks (*). The most famous usage is to enter * ore *.  Also, if you specify a name such as Iron or Gold, be sure to capitalize the initial letter.

“Mod name specification”: All the blocks of the specified Mod * Be careful not to dig other than ore… For example, if you enter “Mekanism” (you don’t need to put it between asterisks), you may mine and lose the machines in the range.

“Specify sample item”: Specify the block placed in the field to mine the item placed in the field. However, it is necessary to collect with a silk touch. If it does not drop in the state of ores other than iron or gold.

As an aside, the previous version had a single screen and a small width (only on the texture, the required area did not change). But the width has increased, and the number of screens has increased to three. That’s all.

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