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What is CSSLP? – Definition, Advantages, and More

What is CSSLP? – Definition, Advantages, and More

CSSLP Definition

The CSSLP (Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Profession) recognizes the security skills of applications. It shows that employers possess technical skills.

And also, they possess necessary authentication, authorization, and auditing throughout the SDLC using the best practices, policies and procedures by cybersecurity experts in (ISC)².

CSSLP is undoubtedly the sole certification for the industry which is designed and introduced by International Information System Security Certification Consortium, known as (ISC)².

And also, for validating a candidate’s skill towards joining security in each phase of the software so it helps to justify the application threats of vulnerability.

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Why is CSSLP Important?

CSSLP gives the candidates a broad understanding of the technical human factors that have to work together to ensure that the software development process is fully secured.

The eight areas of the training material:

  1. Secure software concepts
  2. Secure software requirements
  3. Software acceptance
  4. Secure software design
  5. Secure software implementation/coding
  6. Software deployment, operations, maintenance and disposal
  7. Secure software testing
  8. Supply chain and software acquisition

What is the Target Group of CSSLP?

  • CSSLP intends for everyone involved in the software development cycle with at least four years of professional experiences, such as software architects, developers.
  • And also, software program managers, software testers or managers in the field of software programs, security, IT, or in the project area.
  • And also, the CSSLP course is a course designed specifically for exam preparation.

What are the Requirements for CSSLP?

  • To have experience in some field of Software Development Security of 4 or 3 years in the participation of SDLC plus a higher degree in the IT field.
  • Have the necessary knowledge in the 7 Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) passing the official exam. Subscribe to the ethical code of (ISC)².

What are the Advantages of CSSLP?

After the achievement of CSSLP, the candidate stands out as a leader for the organization.

  1. Firstly, How to Breakthrough for the powerful and patching of the testing approach.
  2. And also, How to Reduce the costs of production that delays in delivery and vulnerabilities.
  3. It supports you for enhancing the credibility of the organization you work for and the development team.
  4. How to Reduce the percentage of loss in revenue and company reputation for breaching due to insecure software.

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