What is a Computer Network – Definition and Uses

Computer Network Definition

Before entering fully to analyze the meaning of the term computer network, it is essential that we proceed to determine the etymological origin of the two main words that shape it:

A network is a structure that has a characteristic pattern. A computer or computers, on the other hand, is an electronic machine that processes data and that allows the execution of different sequences or routines indicated by the user.

A computer network, therefore, is a set of these machines where each of the members shares information, services, and resources with the other. In general, it is referred to as computer network since it is usual that, in addition to computers, other complementary equipment is used to facilitate communication (such as a router or a switch).

It is also essential to establish that for a computer network to exist as such; it is necessary that there are the following elements: computers, work sites, network cards and types of servers. Among the latter are those of impressions, telephony, web, mail, printing or authentication.

On the other hand, we must not forget that when we are talking about computer networks, it is vital that they understand essential parameters or maxims so that they work correctly. With this we are referring to the speed, which comes to indicate with the speed or slowness that transmits the data; the probability of error it has, security and also availability and scalability.

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Computer Network Uses

It allows sharing resources remotely, increases the speed of data transmission (it is faster to access a file through a network than through the Internet, for example) and increases reliability.

Computers can be interconnected by coaxial cable (which transports the data through two concentric conductors), twisted pair cable (the two concentric conductors are interlocked to reduce interference), or fiber-optic (a very thin wire through which fluids flow). Pulses of light with the information to be transmitted).

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