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What is CompTIA Project+? – Definition, Oppurtunities, and More

What is CompTIA Project+? – Definition, Oppurtunities, and More

CompTIA Project+ Definition

CompTIA Project Plus is top for professionals who need to manage smaller, less complicated projects as part of their other job responsibilities.

It is more adaptable than other certifications because it covers essential project management concepts beyond the scope of just one methodology and framework.

The CompTIA Project+ is the Computing Technology certification program planned to exhibit validated learning and skills in project management.

It confirms the capability to initiate, manage, and maintain a project or business advantage.

How Suitable is CompTIA Project+ for the IT Career?

Professionals who undergo CompTIA Certification prepares fully with central aspects of managing the projects IT and Telecom. The successful candidates of Project+ will have the following skills:

  1. Manage the project life cycle
  2. To ensure proper communication
  3. Manage the stakeholders
  4. And also, To maintain the project document

What are the Educational Requirements?

  • However, to shine in the IT field, you will need to have a degree in computer science, information technology, telecommunications, and related areas.
  • And also, To get hold of the certification, you will have to get a certain level of knowledge in project management.

What are the job opportunities?

  • The CompTIA Project Plus certification evaluation includes the complete project management lifecycle, including initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure.
  • Project+ certification has always been the best choice for employers. It makes employers easy to recognize the talent for their project requirements.
  • And also, 11 countries will collectively drive project management job growth to 33% during this same 10-year period.
  • India, United States, China, Japan, and Brazil (Source: Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap Report, 2017-2027) are the top five countries.
  • And also, The Project Management Institute anticipates increased demand for project management 2017-2027.
  • Certified professionals can secure service in any industry as project managers in organizations like Oracle, Facebook, and many more.

What is the salary range of the CompTIA project+?

  • In the United States, the average salary is around $67000 per year for a Certified Project+ professional.
  • However, part-time work can also be rewarding and beneficial for advancing your career.


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